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Affirmative Prayer Technology in Brief

When I was a child I talked to God. I told God what I was doing, asked Him questions, contemplated what it meant and felt like to be Infinite. At age five I felt God’s Love surround and embrace me. As I grew older I learned to pray to God in a formal way as though he were separate from me and to be addressed with respect. “Dear God,” I’d begin and “Amen” would be the salutation. My heart’s desire was very sincere, yet the style of prayer was one of a plea. A prayer may have been “God, help me to not be mean.” Or, “Dear God, please give me confidence in making my presentation third period.” Or, “Dear God, make them like me.”

Somewhere between my childhood innocence and my learned prayer, the communication style changed and the sincerity remained.

I was introduced to Affirmative Prayer. It is a five-step process blending meditation, contemplation, and affirmation, with the ownership of a feeling within my body of knowing the answer is born within me and the request is fulfilled. It is a form of developing into becoming expanded within me. I took to this practice quickly and immediately began to experience its power.

I wrote a book on this process Affirmative Prayer: Becoming Your Own Prayer Answered after investing over 10,000 hours in this practice. It is now how I pray. I use it with my clients and it continues to teach me and reveal to me more of its power as a structure. The five steps are below, and are in brief. If this process is of interest to you I highly recommend you read my book, take a class, or have a private session .

Step One: Recognition. The first step in Affirmative Prayer is connecting with The One, The Only, God. This is the contemplation, meditation part of the practice. I can invest hours in doing this, or seconds. The amount of invested time isn’t as important as actually experience the recognition that God is All There is. In the first step I may identify a quality of God that I desire to express more of. A quality of God is an Eternal Truth spoken of God within most all religions since the beginning of time. Such qualities include Love, Joy, Faith, Abundance, Wisdom, Truth.

Step One: God is.

Step Two: Unification: Once connected to the Allness of God and the quality I am cultivating I unify with this One. God is It. It is Love. By logic, default, definition, then I must be love, loved, beloved, and loving.

Step Two: I am.

Step Three: The third step is realizing the feeling of this in my life and possibly how it may out-picture. This step stokes the internal flames of memory. I often call it the “therefore” stage. God is Love. I am loving. Therefore …. As I sit and I pray I may say “therefore it is natural to see, feel, taste, and touch love throughout my day today.” Or, “therefore, I bring love with me into work and leave it behind in all of my transactions.” Or, “therefore, the Divine Love in me guides me through the day showing me how to demonstrate love to myself and others.”

Step Three: Therefore …

Step Four: The fourth step of Affirmative Prayer is Thanksgiving. I give thanks for living from this love AS THOUGH it is a given. As though it is done. Knowing it is complete. One of the greatest spiritual practices is to be grateful regardless of conditions. To live filled with Joy, Love, Peace …. God qualities … even if it isn’t evident within conditions that are in facing me. It is easy to love those who love us. Love is powerful when it goes beyond what we like; when it is more powerful than a condition.

Step Four: I give thanks that …

Step Five: The final step of Affirmative Prayer is to release the prayer into the automatic action of The Law. This means, since my internal consciousness has changed through this prayer, then my behavior follows in alignment with this shift and I begin living my life as a walking Faithful. New consciousness means new action yielding new results. The prayer is complete and I trust the energy within it, thus letting go.

This is the process in brief. A sample prayer exists below for healing brokenheartedness.

Step One: God is. All that is, is God. There is One Power, God. One Love, God. One isness, God. God is. God is Love.

Step Two: As God it all there is, then I am the manifest form of God. As God is Love, I am loved. God is, I am. Love, love.

Step Three: Therefore, the loving balm of God lives within my very being. It is the fabric of who and what I am. It is the very cells of my body. It is me. I am the presence of Love.

As a manifest form of love, I know that there is an abundance of love within me to express. I let go of the idea that there is one person, and only one on this planet who can somehow quench and fulfill this desire within me. As the love of God in form, I recognize love everywhere. I see it in the blooming flowers. I experience it in the smile of strangers. I recognize it in laughter. I accept it as being more real than any temporary pain or discomfort I may feel in my body.

The Reality of Love, the Reality of God is Eternal. It has existed before time and will continue after it. Love is Real. Love is God. Love is me. I let go of the story of pain. I let go of the story of loss. I let go of the story that love is limited and I allow myself to see through the abundant, eyes of Spirit. Love is everywhere and all. My heart is broken open to more Radiant Love. I open to giving and receiving love as a way of being in the world. And I meet any seeming pain within me as the Love of God. Love to love. Love as love. Love.

Step Four: I give thanks for the realization of the Grandness of Love. I give thanks for my tender heart expanding. I give thanks for God.

Step Five: I release this prayer into the Law of God, the Law of Love, knowing It is fulfilled now.

And, so it is, Amen.