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Thank You Mr. President

Dear Friends,

I have missed you!

These past six months I have been traveling and experiencing life without having the compulsion to comment on my experiences or share my internal processes. I am interpreting the “missing” as a call back into my writing. I begin with a big “I miss you.” Each one of you have added a lot to my life and keep the spiritual conversation alive. Thank you.

And, I thank Donald Trump.

I did not vote for The Donald.

I disagree with almost all of his values yet I have been called into deeper love, discernment, and commitment to my awareness of The Life of God operating as me. And, it hasn’t been easy.

Deeper Love. I have been called into a state of deeper Love which shows up looking like loving and caring for me, the perceived enemy (President Trump), and those I believe to be impacted by his policies. After decades of regular meditation I can find myself with sleepless nights and surprise surges of adrenaline replicating a panic or terror. So I listen. I listen to the internal fear, concern, and feelings of helpless. Once heard, I get quiet and call The Higher consciously into the mix and sit. My prayers, meditations, and healing practice have tended to not involve words but a silent surrender into The Greater. If I were to explain it, it would be like an upgrading of software. I often lay on the ground accepting that the Light of God is transforming an additional part of my being, and I receive. I bring the president and those I perceive to be adversely impacted by his decisions into my prayers knowing that it is my perception I am healing. I am healing my own sense of harm and separateness as I speak on behalf of others.

Deeper Discernment. I am grateful to metaphysics for the awareness of the power of choice. I welcome The Presence of God into my life to use me to the extent that I choose a surrendered life of service. This requires listening to know what is and isn’t mine to do. After decades of this practice I thought I had become fairly adept at this, and yet I am aware that I am in some ways starting over. The static around me feels loud against my energy field and to become quiet requires of me a more concentrated effort with what feels like a shorter energetic integration time. My doingness comes with intention of being a place of Love as a causative field of Good.

Commitment to My Awareness of The Presence as Me. In God I live, move, and have my Being. I am an emanation of God; The Love/Joy that is Ever Present. I can forget this as I feel the ground beneath me shifting. My practice becomes one of realizing that That which made the ground and Is the ground made and Is me. Whether shifting or not, the solidity is not in the ground as much as in the Substance (God) Itself.

So, I thank you President Trump for calling me into a deeper practice and preparing me to open ever more earnestly into Trusting This Presence and operating from It as inspired.

Tell me friends about your journey,



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