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My New Favorite Word

Dear Friends,


Words are bundles of energy wrapped in meaning passed to oneself or another for interpretation, response, and eventual digestion.” Rev. Bonnie

I guess you can say I’m a “wordie,” which would be like a “foodie” but with words. I sit with words for hours, days, and sometimes years soaking in the original intention and its energy field; inviting the meaning of that word to refine me. Words are the building blocks of sentencesimages-6 which express thoughts unique to me; unique to another; and together a shared ‘we’ of understanding.

My friend Quinn, a poet, collects words. She has a box she puts them in and pulls them out for inspiration. Some words have a magnificent sound about them. I honor the word pomegranate for its hearty, substantive sound which comes with a quirky deep red visual. I built a box like Quinn and pomegranate was my first word in.

Some words feel good to my tongue and mouth as they pass from the insight outwardly; like “magnificence.” In addition to the melodic feel; my unconscious thinks of magna as super big and cence as sense — my senses or sensical; so there is a double, unrelated bonus to the word.

Finding words isn’t new to me. Or, I really ought to say words finding me isn’t new as when I find a word that resonates with my Soul an internal explosion takes place or a simmer begins to happen. Either way I am receiving medication or fortification.

UnknownMy new word is any variation of include. Inclusion, inclusive, included … all forms feel warm to me; like a big, rich, hug in my energy field. As a metaphysician turned mystical student; my metaphysical training placed a large emphasis on giving and receiving. Both necessary and profound aspects of life itself. For years I explored giving as a form of output and receiving as a form of input and regeneration. Then my spiritual teacher asked me to try on the word “include.” Giving and receiving felt linear and transactional compared to the word “include,” which for me leans in the mystical direction. Include means to me ALL OF IT. Not the transaction between two points, but the pre and the post and the intent and the Soul and the motivation and The Field of The Only … ALL OF IT. Let me see what the dictionary says …”to contain as part of the whole.” Yep, my intuition was right; inclusion is about the Whole Thing; which to me always returns to The Presence I call God.

Today is my day off. I’ve worked the past twelve days without a full 24 hours of luxurious hang Unknown-2time. Today is my hang day. I’m sitting on the porch, drinking iced herbal tea from a mason jar and reading poetry. Between the poetry, I am spitting out prayers of gratitude. I plan on getting out paints shortly and painting the feel of inclusion. What a word! What a day! What a life!




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