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Unpacking, Releasing, and Rearranging

Dear Friends,

I am writing this blog post in the midst of boxes, furniture, art, and piles of good stuff that I love. Despite the house begging to be unpacked; I stopped to write this blog.

I’ve written few blogs this past year. I miss sharing revelations and insights as they arrive and I have missed my correspondence with YOU. I choose to not wait one more moment, but instead follow the guidance I often provide my clients. Do the most important thing first. Writing is important to me; actually essential to my well-being. Unpacking can wait. So I sit down to write.

How are you? How was your summer? What are you unpacking, releasing, and rearranging in your life? Tell me what is important to you. I want to hear from you. I want to know how God has revealed Itself to you in your life and when you’ve squealed in delight. I want to know about your heart breaks and your courage to allow your heart to be splayed open to more Light and more Love. I want to hear about the art you’ve created and the travels you’ve taken. There is so very much to catch up on.

September is approaching and my biological clock tells me it’s time to put away the summer clothes, pack up the school supplies and get ready for a first day of school; or another way to say it is a new classroom of discovery. Spiritually, this is our every day, every moment. The New. The Now. The Discovery.

I have embraced the unpacking and each box I open I re-evaluate if it is to enter into my new, now space. Remember the scripture about the old wine not fitting into new wine skin? The parable isn’t about wine; but Life Itself. And for me today, it’s about unpacking.

Happy New.

Sending you a virtual hug,



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