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Loosening the Funk to Rise Up for the New Year

Dear Friends,


These things I have spoken unto you that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation; but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. John 16:33

My fast was inspired in part by entering into a significant funk toward the end of December. It began, or so it seemed with an allergic reaction to an antibiotic that brought me toward an unpleasant physical reaction of high fever, vomiting, and chills for over eight hours. A worn out
sickbody followed with an allopath doctor’s visit and all of the unhealed stuff around the health care system in my face. Forms, and lots of them. Caregivers who didn’t care or give. Expensive monthly insurance payments with appointments and services not covered. A doctor telling me I will have to be on allergy medicine until the day I die.

Dense and heavy and I got snagged. I got pulled down into an energy spiral that I then exaggerated through taking sides, getting angry, wearing the energy, and losing hope. The worse part of this darkness is that I lost hope. Maybe this is what darkness means — losing hope. Feeling isolated and physically weak, I watched television to see the worstquicksand of humanity on the screen in between shows filled with murder, crime, and mystery.

Me. A spiritual individual with a strong practice, an awesome community, and an excess of overflowing faith was stuck in a malaise of energetic quicksand. After calling my prayer support, I knew I needed to heavy lift myself out of this state, get quiet, and listen for my assignment. To enhance my listening, I stepped into a fast to the third power. I committed to one week with the option of re-upping after the week if I chose to.

Fasting from television, media, movies, and forms of entertainment.
Fasting from doingness; with exception of that which is Inspired through me.
Fasting from heavy foods. I chose to eat lots of vegetables; a select small amount of fruit; sprouted almonds and lots of tea.

The week is over and I committed myself to limiting my television and entertainment input. I cancelled my cable tv subscription. I receive a weekly magazine with world news in it so I have a targeted and focused prayer practice. I listen to all presidential debates so I am informed and clear about the agendas I am voting for. I commit to live theater, movies, Seahawks games, and occasional television. I am still getting clear on this, and for now I feel lighter.

My second fast is from the “Bonnie does it all” mentality. I hired a consultant who works with business owners, I continue to work with my spiritual coach, and I am becoming clear about what is mine to do and what isn’t. And I am adopting the word “later.”

saladThe most fun I’ve had has been in the area of my food fast. I am crock potting veggies into soups. I am eating chopped veggies in raw salads. And, I am juicing veggies for a refreshing drink. I’m on day 13 and I am visibly losing some inflammation, and I have great energy.

This combination has deepened my spiritual practice and allowed me a greater depth of meditation. Hope began returning in dribbles and is now more like a stream. Along with hope comes cheer. The Bible verse above restated says “Stuff happens; it always does. YOU aren’t the stuff that happens. YOU BE the good cheer in the midst of the stuff.”

Happy 2016,



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