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How Many People Pray for You that You Never Meet?

Dear Friends,

I was in the midst of a transformation where I entered into what I call the Field of The Lost Souls. It is the energy pocket where I believe suicide is often attempted. The energy is a cream soupy-like dark substance — maybe more quicksand-like with a tight grip. Its nature feels eternal. It isn’t; but it feels that way. Five or ten minutes in this field is enough to force the mind working to find any solution to leave this feeling. Anything would feel better than to sit it out and be present to this energy. I sat it out. I was present to it. I sat it out for seven, intense, lackluster days. That’s 168 hours of energetic paralysis with the desire for an escape hatch.

I was blessed in that when I entered into this space I had been a meditator and had a prayer practice for a solid fifteen plus years. I knew intellectually that this had to pass and although it felt eternal; it really wasn’t. I sat in meditation and observed this field and I asked the question of myself, “if this is the suicide field; why aren’t you tempted to take action?” I waited for a response and I saw on the fringes of this dense darkness a horizon of light and I could hear faint chanting and prayers coming from that direction. I became certain that since the beginning of time people prayed as part of their regular prayer practice for those who were lost. I knew that since the beginning of time; prayers had been prayed directed toward this one moment in time which I would be sitting, that I may know the enduring power of God’s love despite circumstances. This awareness was start of the key that eventually lessened the intensity and then dissolved this dark energy state.

Unknown-1This morning I watched an interview on Gaia TV with Dr. Larry Dossey. (if you would like to purchase a subscription click here. It’s one of the best investments I’ve made. I call it Spiritual Netflix). He wrote one of the early books on the healing power of prayer that I used to give to clients who were dealing with health issues. Dossey has a morning prayer ritual where he lights incense, shakes a shamanic rattle and enters into a prayer state for all of his patients he’ll be working with during the day.

It got me thinking, once again, how often you and I are prayed for without us knowing it. How frequently we are brought into a prayer field where we are energetically bathed in the love of God. It also wondered, how often am I praying for those I love and my enemies alike? And when I say “alike” I mean the same prayers are spoken for Bernie, Hillary, and Donald. Alike. The same prayers are spoken for my daughter, those at ImpulsUS and the child molester and molested child’s family I see on television.

With the world in such ever-changing chaos; our Soul is called to gift to the world, out of deep love; prayer. And, when we are in an energetic “uck” place; what a powerful practice it is to pray for ourselves and to consciously receive the gift of answered prayer from others.

There’s no denying it. Life is Good.



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