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What Is Your Contract with You?

Dear Friends,I knew my intention was more God/Bonnie as me and less fear-based living.

At the end of February the conversation of the pandemic began to overtake the television news channels. I received many phone calls from Seattle friends warning me of the sweep to come in Arizona’s direction and what I would need to have and do in order to be prepared for this health concern. “No good crisis should be wasted,” and I made the decision that I would be a different person coming out of the stay-at-home-order than the woman entering it. More God/Me, less scaredy-cat. A pandemic is a perfect container for this intention.

Decisions sculpt who we are becoming. Where we live, the job(s) we work, the friends we choose and those we invite into our inner circle for love, support, and the energy we align with. Awakening to our Energy/God Self, we know it matters to where and who we give our life energy.

My first decision was to take all of my power back from anyone and any story I had given it to. I stood in my living room and said out loud, “from this moment forward I OWN me. Any co-dependent, victimized thoughts I have allowed to wallow in my energy field are transformed now.” The conviction jolted my body into energetic alignment. I MEANT IT!!! Faith without works is dead; so I took action (works) and I prioritized Me. God/Me. I practiced the Presence by being Present; present to the moment with me in it. Present to the relationship between me and the moment. Awake. Aware. On purpose.

I entered meditation and was given direction as to the Qualities of God that I am to practice embodying. One of them was vision/sight. I journaled about what vision meant to me and the many different dynamics of vision; one of them was “being seen.” I then took out a piece of paper and wrote a contract with myself. I, Bonnie, will do the following every day during the pandemic: 1. I will do something that makes my work in the world visible, 2. I will align what I want to see with what I do beginning with completing the online class on Psalms 23, 3. I will work with my team on creating a new website that shows who I am and how I serve. Then, I signed and dated the contract.

Somewhere along our spiritual journey we make the decision to take our own side and to be kind and compassionate with ourselves. We decide our inner child is valuable enough to have an advocate and we will be it for our own self. With this decision, our life changes. Our inner Protector/Parent takes form to protect our innocent self. Our commitment to our self begins to congeal and we are no longer at the whims of other people’s opinions, the world’s idea of who we ought to be, and the pattern of our upbringing. We are individuating. For some people this happens in their early 20s, for others it may be their late 70s. The “when” doesn’t matter. In God there is no time and space and unfolding is always in Divine Timing.

Little-by-little we grow into our Soul Self as we take the hands of our inner personalities and walk ourselves toward the Light of our being. 

The stay-at-home order lasted six weeks in Arizona and I have experienced many insights, revelations and miracles throughout this time. Now the order is beginning to lift and shift. One of the new practices I’ll take away from this time is the writing of contracts with myself and signing them. I invite you to do the same. Caution: One of the foundational practices in building self regard/esteem is keeping your word to yourself. If you plan on signing a contract, commit in advance to honoring it and make it so.

Making our way back to our Souls produces a life force vitality so much fun to swim in. My invitation to myself and you is to engage in spiritual inquiry/practice lightly (as in Light).

My prayers and meditation increased dramatically during Covid. You have been in my prayers held as the Beauty and Wholeness You Are.

Blessings Always,

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