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Awake to The Mystery

Dear Friends,


My daughter and grand babies came to visit me in December. The last day of their visit my two and half year old grand daughter fell off of my two story balcony to hit the rocky ground below to land on her head. Her father and I ran down the stairs within seconds to literally find her standing up and talking. The EMTs, her doctor, my doctor, and some friends all said she was caught by two angels. (I will write a blog on this later, I have been waiting to get beyond the “awe” to articulate). This experience changed me.

It changed me because I, or any of the medical experts, could not in any rational way explain what had taken place. There wasn’t a tree that caught her fall, a gust of wind or a trampoline below. She should have been permanently damaged, possibly dead, and she was standing. My effort wasn’t necessary in her well-being. Her standing didn’t require my prayers or any human action. Mystery and Grace were showing themselves to me.

This past weekend I visited a friend in Flagstaff. She asked me to call her when I passed Sedona so she could estimate my arrival

Original text and number (see top of screen)

Original text and number (see top of screen)

time. I decided to text instead and received a message failure response. I figured she didn’t text. So, I called her and verbally let
her know where I was. When I arrived at her house I asked her if she had text on her phone. She said yes. I pulled out my phone and said “let me verify your phone number.” Immediately after that comment I said “that’s silly, it must be right as I called and spoke with you.” The two of us looked down at my phone to find an unrecognizable six number sequence. There weren’t even enough numbers to make a call and yet she answered. Again, I was stunned. No reasonable answer.


Original error message

Sunday after church I met my friend to vision with a group at her center. While in meditation she asked each of us what we know in Spirit about this church. I saw a room full of men in red and black plaid hunting jackets. I said, “your church will be full of lumberjacks.” The faces in the circle held a stunned look. Then, one said “that is our city’s mascot.” How did I know that?

I continue to revel in the Mystery of God. It is nice to know there is something far bigger and more important than me!!! I can rest into Its Field of Good and trust it.

I used to keep a prayer journal where I noted answered prayer. Now my journal is full of Mystery and Grace.

To Life …


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