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I’m All Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree

Dear Friends,

Does your curiosity ever become so dogged that like a dog with a bone you just won’t let it go? I have two of those going on right now. One is The Flow. I can’t stop reading about, meditating on, feeling into, and celebrating The Flow. It is as though it is

photo borrowed from Yellow represents the active nervous system flow

new to me. My response to it is consumption. I want to linger around it, take it in, read about it, talk about it. It is a fixation of sorts. The second is my curiosity about my nervous system.

My nervous system seems to be how I organize my life nowadays. I am obsessed with looking at pictures of it every day. I think the system is beautiful. It is our electric system delivering intelligence throughout our body system. Photos of the system remind me of a Christmas tree, as though you and I are walking trees with our lights on the inside. And information is disseminated in what looks like little bursts. Imagine my brain, or yours, receiving input through a party of bursts.

In order for the subtle body of a child’s nervous system to complete itself in a healthy manner it requires co-regulation from the primary parent. This means the two systems sync up; the parent’s strengthening the child’s. Kids who don’t co-regulate with their primary parent due to trauma end up having unreliable subtle energy systems until regulation takes place.

I have a history of trauma as does many of my clients. This week I realized, like a light bulb going off or a system of nervous

spurts that the completion of my co-regulation happened in part with other humans, but also with Nature and my Spirit Self. You see, God never leaves us in the dust. You and I are Spirit beings each with a different gift to bring to the planet and the corresponding life experience necessary in order to deliver this gift. My experience included trauma, and it ALSO included the internal Intelligence to know that everything begins in Wholeness and returns to It as our awareness sharpens to microscopic clarity where all we can see is the Perfection of God around us.

I invite you to bring your nervous system into your meditation practice and connect with your inner Christmas lights.

And, may you See, Experience, and Bathe in the Light this Holiday Season,

P.S. I will be interviewed this Friday on the Mantz and Mitchell show on KKNW 1150 am from 10-11 am PST.  Mark your calendar or listen to the archives Christmas week.

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