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Meditation: The Super Power Available to Us All

Dear Friends,


There are five practices recognized by all major religions as essential toward living a spiritual life: meditation, prayer, tithing/giving, spiritual community, and study. In my last post I wrote about my evolving experience with prayer. Today I want to talk about one of my most FAVORITE things in the world: meditation.

My most practiced form of meditation is silence. Each morning for the past twenty five plus years I have “sat” in silence bathing myself in meditation. I begin by closing my eyes, taking a big deep breath and then placing my attention on my feet. I acknowledge and feel the ground beneath my feet as a form of grounding. I sometimes say something like, “this ground is holy,” or “I am so grateful for feeling my feet,” or “the Light of God fills me from head to toe and is pooled at my feet right now.” Once I experience my awareness directed through my attention I am ready to go. As I enter into the meat of meditation I want to be sure my body is ready. I do a scan. If there is pain, I place my attention with the pain and sit until it dissipates. I learned a long time ago attention is evidence of Love, so I tend to the pain or discomfort within. Then, if my energy is slow I take a Light shower. I imagine myself being rained upon by the Light of God, eeking through my pours and into my organs. Once I feel satiated by Light, I then begin.

Silent meditation for me is riding the wave of my breath. I place my attention upon my breath and follow it. This way I am not “in my head.” If I become distracted I pick my attention up and return to the breath. I sit for a minimum of ten minutes, an average of thirty and somedays for hours.

This is my standard, meditation. HOWEVER, meditation can be used as precursor to prayer, a form of healing my body (or others), and an energetic experience of manifesting.

The cosmos is made up of 99.9999% spacious energy. My body, too, is mostly energy. There is a feeling of being home in the quiet space, a cleansing, an opening, and a sharpening of awareness.

My work consists of teaching, speaking, and working with individuals one-on-one to expand an individuals connection with their God Self. A requirement for working with me is a willingness to engage in meditation or Centering Prayer (meditation with intent). Meditation is like the foundation of a home. A sturdy foundation supports the home. Meditation supports our awareness so we may live a non-personalized, almost drama-free existence, of service to humanity.

Over the decades I have learned first hand that meditation relaxes my nervous system, lowers my blood pressure, assists with concentration, greatly diminishes distractions, provides an inner quiet so I could hear The Divine Guidance, sharpens my intuition, teaches me to understand/feel energy, softens my hard edges, and brings me into The Present. I have seen lists of hundreds of benefits of meditation and from my direct experience they are all true.’

My 8 year old grandson, yesterday, was telling me his family’s “passions” as he saw them. His older sister has a passion for fashion, his younger sister loves dolls. He told me my passion was “being calm.” There was a time when that wouldn’t have been how I was described. I credit this to meditation.

As I get ready to take my meditation seat this morning, I sit grateful that you are reading this post and doubling down on a spiritual practice that is a super power available to us all.

Much Love,

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