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Sidewalk Oracle

Dear Friends,

My friend Quinn takes a morning walk and daily photographs what she sees on her walk. She got the idea from a book entitled Sidewalk Oracle, by Robert Moss. I ordered the book this morning and will post some wisdom from it in my next blog. In the meanwhile, I am going to make up what I believe his book will say.

As everything you and I see comes from our inner self and interpretation, I believe Author Moss will tell me that what I place my attention upon during my walk will be uniquely mine. I may choose on my walk to pay attention to the health of the trees and if you were to take the same walk you might be fascinated by the songs of the birds. Each of our interpretations of what draws our attention will have meaning from our unconscious mind and will be made conscious to us through our fascination. I would use more spiritual language and say that on my morning walks; God talks to me through my awareness and my interpretation of the symbols I see. (Now I can hardly wait to get the book to know what it really says.)

Regardless, I like what my month of March is about. Remember last month I took a fast from All-Things-Political? There was some seepage, but for the most part I had my month to increase my spiritual practice and decrease my external messaging. The significant seepage came when I went onto my Facebook page a week ago when I saw my teacher friends commenting on how they refused to carry guns in the classroom. It was fairly easy to piece together the national dialogue at that moment. For this month, I will keep politics to a minimum and continue to focus upon living a life of spiritual awareness.

Part of this awareness is capturing 31 days of my own oracle. As it is an oracle, and not just picture taking, I will make a comment, write a prayer, add a few words, or create a poem out of what I see. I will post these on my public–author Facebook page, so you can see them, too.

Today’s posting was of two photos I took in an alley. It was graffiti that was left by a bereft young man. He had left a few other paintings that had me to believe it was a male who was the artist.




The caption I chose … “Little did he know that feeling like a freak and experiencing broken-heartedness would lead him into stratospheric success as a singer-songwriter.”





I invite you to play in this experience of the Sidewalk Oracle. Practices that hone our attention and creativity can only be good.

Remember, God is Love,



Did you know that Reverend Bonnie is currently planning a Women’s retreat in Hawaii for 2019? Stay tuned.

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