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Are You Seeking An Answer? Try This.

Dear Friends,


I pulled into Agape’s International Spiritual Center, I affectionately call The Mother Ship, to purchase a sweatshirt I have been wanting for some time. I opened the Prius door and walked myself through shutting down the car properly as it is different than my stick shift car. I walked toward the sanctuary door while my friend Annie O’Neil, who I hadn’t seen in over a year, walks out with two young film makers.

The two of us fall into each others arms laughing. What are the odds of me walking into a spiritual center on a Thursday

Annie O’Neil and I meet in front of Agape.

lunchtime at the same time she’d be walking out of the door? Really. Had there been one more stop light, I would have missed her. Had she recorded one more or less set of frames in her current documentary she was producing inside of the center, we would have missed each other. Get this. I know maybe 20 people in Los Angeles. That’s right. Out of just shy of ten million people in LA County, one of the twenty I know walks out of the door. The odds I ask?  Really Good in God’s Universe is my answer.

Annie introduces me to her young proteges. She tells them, “Bonnie told me something years ago that has always stuck with me.” I perked up. She continued, “Bonnie said there is someone who can be offended by everything that she says. She won’t let this get in the way of speaking what is hers to speak.” Annie went on to say at the time of our conversation she was feeling constricted with social media feedback and I said “people’s feedback is about them and their perception of the world; it isn’t about you.” My response was “that is great advice. May I quote you quoting me?” to which our laughter increased.

As you know, I have been playing a game with myself and God called Sidewalk Oracles based upon Robert Moss’ book of the same name. I ask a question to The Highest and then I enter in the world and listen to the response. Today I asked for affirmation of my work. Annie walks out of the door to speak to how my work impacted her. God NEVER disappoints. There are so many ways the message could have been delivered to me and it was delivered in the package of a woman I find inspirational and I admire.

I have been engaged in the exercise of Sidewalk Oracles for 29 days now. Each response from God has shown me how shut down I’ve allowed myself to become and how narrow I’ve allowed my vision to be. There are big changes coming in my ministry. I will be speaking in Lake Havasu and Washington State in May and will offer small group teaching in my home and on-line beginning June.

In the meanwhile, I invite you to play with asking questions of That Which Knows and watching the answers come through your television set, nature, another person, a happenstance, and then celebrate how deeply loved you are.


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