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Can You Become Such a King? (Poem)

Dear Friends,


Can You Become Such a King?

I want that kind of grace from God
that when it hits

I won’t get off the floor for days. And when I finally
do stagger into a semblance of poise

I will still need a cane and shoulder to help me walk, and I will need
great patience from any who try to decipher
my slurred speech.

You should forget about knowing the Friend unless
you are willing to kiss the world with
great abandon.

Locked like a pair of dogs,
openly making love
in the streets,

impervious to shouts and pails of water being thrown
and glares from eyes that pass.

Can you become
such an ego-less


lovepoemsTaken from Love Poems from God; Twelve Sacred Voices from the East and West


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