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Exploring Truth and Lies

Dear Friends,

I have received the message three times. Now it’s time to pay attention.

Message #1: My spiritual advisor suggested I re-read The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck. I embraced and then devoured it like a conversation with a friend I haven’t seen in way too long. I wanted to read more of his work so I ordered the only book of his I haven’t read — Glimpses of The Devil. This book chronicles two demonic exorcisms that Peck participated in as a psychiatrist. Peck claims that the devil gains possession of good people when they choose to override their internal discerning ability and choose to believe a lie over the Truth. Most religions, including Christianity, use the word Truth as a synonym for God. This book boiled down to colluding with lies as the impetus for evil. Hmmm.

Message #2: Today’s CBS This Morning, has a wonderful segment on the creation of Wonder Woman. Her super power is the ability to wrap her golden lasso around someone who then must tell the truth; and the truth is what changes the dynamic in all of the stories allowing for Wonder Woman to then save the day. Truth is the power, then, that shifts the energy flow from an evil direction to resolution.

Message #3: Anne Lamott’s new book Hallelujah Anyway: Recovering Mercy starts the Golden Leaf chapter as follows:

“Rilke wrote, ‘I want to unfold. I don’t want to stay folded anywhere, because where I am folded, there is a lie.'”

My spiritual coach often quotes A Course in Miracles, telling me that “the Truth can handle our scrutiny.”

So I sit this Sunday morning aware of how culturally acceptable it is for our president to lie. And it isn’t enough for me to examine him and his motives, I am to get quiet and see where I am complicit in lying to myself and creating a fold within me. Where have I allowed a lie to run rampant within me. Where have I not been me and coward in someway from acting out of my True Self? I don’t have answers for this yet. I just waded into the exploration. I am going to close this blog, grab my journal, and go spelunking.

Happy Sunday,

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