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Loving Despite Circumstances

Dear Friends,


In October I began the job of Spiritual Leader at Unity Spiritual Center, Spokane. Each month there is a theme for the talks I give and each Sunday talk falls under that theme. In June I spoke of musical artists and their expression/relationship with God, The Flow, The Eternal, The Muse…whatever is both beyond and within that finds Itself in the cross section of the two. In July our Center watched movies together and looked at the spiritual messaging within the movies. Our summer finale focuses on inventors and innovators OR activating the Genius available to all of us.

This Sunday I am going to talk about George Washington Carver. I fell in love with his gentle Spirit, just researching him. For a few hours I put myself into his shoes and walked within them with Carver in my mind. I touched a gentle presence within me that is very curious about life and its responsiveness to a higher level of Life.

George Washington Carver was born as a slave. His dad was killed shortly after his birth. He and his mom and brother were kidnapped when he was a few months old. His slave owners (the Carvers) bought him and his brother back at a substantial price from the kidnappers. His mom never to be seen again, and George on the verge of death. At age one slavery ended and his former “owners” raised him and his brother. He was so sickly that the only help he could do around the house as a young boy was gardening. It was this situation where he became one with the plants in consciousness and gained a reputation as The Plant Doctor, as a young child. People from around the State knew his reputation and would bring him plants to heal. This was the beginning of what would become an extraordinary life lived out of Knowing God.

There are several books written about him and one is called The Man Who Talks with the Flowers by Glenn Clark. This was written in 1939 and I am taken by the description of his Presence. He walked God. He called his science lab “God’s Little Workshop.” He emanated an energy so alive and gentle that in his presence people spoke of knowing God because they felt God; EXCEPT those whose hearts were too cluttered and filled with anger, judgment, fear and love blockers.

This book recounts a story about a father who brought his infant son to be healed by Carver. George said “no” and turned him away. He said his son couldn’t be healed until the father’s heart had love in it. Instead of being curious and wondering how his heart could melt into love, the father verbally attacked Carver something fierce. Demanding healing. Demeaning him with words. Attacking. He was turned away.

This had me thinking about my experience with people and the way consciousness behaves. The world isn’t used to a strong Presence that demands Love, cultivates Love, walks in the world from Love. People tend to want what they want, and are unable to see or feel what is in front of them if it isn’t what they are wanting. I have been observing individuals who meditate and pray regularly, Trust and open to the Higher Go(o)d Life and how they navigate the world. I also have access to observing the “bully”, low-level unconscious energy that lives in the Field of Right and Wrong and believe they are always on the side of right taking their internal battle and placing it upon people they come into contact with. In observation of these two energies it is evident that a conversation is difficult between them as one is a hammer and the other is curious and open. I found Carver’s behavior instructive in saying in essence “go find love, then come back.”

I think of all people in the world who could have maintained a grudge, chosen to live “low,” considered himself traumatized and a victim it would be George Washington Carver. However, had he chosen that route our world may have been less rich. His willingness to Love DESPITE circumstances is what makes him worthy to witness, long after he has passed. He left a comprehensive body of work in the world, on top of who he became.

This week as I have meditated with him in the foreground, read his work, and walked in his shoes I find myself smiling an awful lot. I look forward to talking about him this week and continuing to contemplate the power of focus.

With a Loving Intention,

P.S. August 31st I will facilitate along with two of my Sacred Sisters a Women’s Retreat in Spokane Washington for Sacred Sisters. For more information and to register go to Event Bright.



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