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Outwitting The Devil

I have been known to gobble, not savor books.  This one was no exception.

You see, Napoleon Hill’s work was influential with me in my 20s and 30s as I was learning my way around the work world and becoming awake to the power of my consciousness.  His book Think and Grow Rich served me well for two decades.  In it I learned the power of a Master Mind group, creating and implementing a plan and keeping good counsel with myself.  I became who I am now partly due to the influence of this one small book.  Hill’s book was written in 1938 just following Think and Grow Rich but was kept in a vault until this year and Hill’s family and advisors had passed away.  Sharon Letcher was asked to bring this work into the world and is listed as co-author.

So, my interest was peaked when I saw my friend Mary had “liked” this book on Facebook.  I ordered it and when it arrived I sat and read the book straight through saying to myself repeatedly “this is the manna I’ve been hungry for.”  After writing his twenty plus year researched masterpiece and teaching it throughout the country, Mr. Hill came upon a circumstance which activated inner fear and he went into solitude for three years.  (Coming out of a two plus year period of solitude, myself, this caught my interest.)  He had a spiritual awakening and how he did business in the past was put on a shelf as he became guided through an internal voice he called his “other self.”  His personal story begins the book.

The second component, and majority of the book, is an interview he conducted with the Devil.  Writing about this caused such large controversy amongst his family and advisors that the book had been locked up until they all passed away.  Now seventy plus years later the manuscript was made available.  Key insights to the workings of the Devil?  I’ll share one as I want you to have your own experience with this book.  Here goes — he preys on non-thinkers, meaning individuals who accept patterns of thought from their family, schools, church and society without one’s rigorous application of thought.

Now, I don’t believe in a personalized being called The Devil. However, I do believe in a consciousness or energetic field which operates within humanity capable of creating evil.  I read the book with my understanding in tact.  (I’m a thinker).

I would enjoy participating in conversations about this book.  If you would like to order it, please click on the book icon above and it will take you to  Happy reading and let’s talk after your gobbling.

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