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Quick Affirmation for Leaving Behind the Old

Dear Friends,
I have a new affirmation — feel free to borrow it. I am using it often now and the power of it is incredible. Ready? Say it out loud as you read this and FEEL the energy of it as you speak it …

“That was so yesterday.”

A friend called me, she wanted to know if I’d heard anything on the condo I’d put an offer on almost six weeks ago. I have experienced bouts of anxiety with the wait. My response to her was, “no news, and the anxiety surrounding it was so yesterday.” Laughing loudly she said, “I’m going to use that.”

A client had a long history of making herself frustrated. She could take a little speck and very quickly turn it into a boulder. We dissected her pattern together and then found ways to reorganize her thoughts and actions to align with her new intention. I said her pattern “was so yesterday,” and her face lit up as she said, “you’re right! I’m different now.”

A colleague told me he was undergoing a transformation. The new hadn’t shown itself to him, yet the feeling was beginning to emerge. He decided to borrow the saying “that work was so yesterday,” to remind himself to stay focused on the emerging new.

These four words say so much. They say:

1. I am aware of how I used to see or do something and I’ve awoken to the old.

2. The old is dead, gone, past, transformed, and I am made new by it. In fact the old was necessary fertilizer for the new to gain nutrients.

3. If I can decide that something no longer fits as me and I am able to drop it, implicitly I am giving you permission to do the same thing.

Have fun playing with this affirmation. I’ve found myself on several occasions acting out the affirmation by facing backward then flipping forward when I say it.

Happy Friday,




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