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Revelation: It’s The Mother

Dear Friends,

I want to meet Richard Branson.

My first step in cultivating the possibility of meeting Sir Richard is reading his biography, Losing My Virginity. This compelling book had me face first into it, gulping it down in parts and savoring it in others. I was with him as I read each paragraph. Then the insight hit me which shifted the way I now see the world. Oh my God, I begin yelling in my empty house, “success comes down to the quality of one’s mother.” Stay with me on this one; it shook me too.

I cannot remember a moment in my life when I have not felt the love of my family. We were a family that would have killed for each other — and we still are.  (pg 18)


Sir Richard Branson

Branson describes his early years in scene-after-scene of family involvement and caring. His words paint the picture of a solid family foundation which he could always count on. As he becomes older and begins to take risks growing ideas into companies, his mother is by his side renting office space for him when he doesn’t have collateral, mortgaging her home when he was in fiscal straits, and being his strongest advocate.

Awake to this revelation, correlating information rushes through my head beginning with my observation of Bill Gates’ family. We grew up down the street from each other, and although we didn’t know each other personally, his family was known in the community. His mother loved her children, was a philanthropist and a community volunteer powerhouse. His father was active in local politics and the legal community. His family was a solid unit with deep respect of their children. They exemplified the same energy I read about in Branson’s book.

Then my mind hands me Dr. John DeMartini’s story. One of my favorite teachers, he was dyslexic and didn’t fit well into an educational environment. Dr. DeMartini speaks of his mother’s deep love and his family support throughout his story. He felt secure in exploring the world to find himself, because his home base was so solid. Leaving home in his late teens, he ends up in Hawaii living as a surfer on the beach. It is on the islands he meets a spiritual teacher who taught him the power of his mind and practices for activating the Soul. He has the revelation he is to become an influential teacher so he moved home to his parent’s house as he went to back to school. During hard learning struggles, he said, his mother would remind him of how deeply she loved him and whatever he did or didn’t do in his life, wouldn’t impact this love she had for him.

Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson speaks equally strong of her family’s support in her spiritual work; leaning upon them as she has navigated her way into her work as a spiritual teacher. In her most recent book, The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money, and Miracles she recounts a story of Buckminister Fuller being asked to define genius. His response was “someone who had the right mother.” (pg. 36)

The next memory is of a talk Matthew Fox, theologian and priest, sitting on an elevated stool and giving a Sunday talk in Los Angeles. He spoke of reconnecting with the Sacred and made a tangential comment that those who have abuse and neglect in their background take a substantially longer time to connect with the Sacred as connection requires trust and love, something which was severed or not developed. He said it was possible, just that it will takes much longer.

I sit in this revelation trying to put words to it. This is what I’m formulating thus far and wanting to explore further:

1. Those who had solid families and experienced the love of parents, especially mother love, would move into the world creating. Those who experienced neglect and abuse would enter the world doing everything possible to feel the love they believed was missing. I call these two groups creators and survivors.
2. From the spiritual perspective, neither is better than the other. Both are deeply loved and have much to offer the world. The survivors look to spirituality to open their closed hearts. The creators look to spirituality for humility and to express their gratitude.
3. Survivors can become creators as they touch within them the Mother God which they deeply desire and realize their Divine Perfection. (Eastern religions worship The Mother, where western religions worship The Father. Neither is right or better, the qualities emphasized within God are different).
4. The human experience is far more complex than this or any awareness. Becoming and expressing more of the Presence of Divine Love is always the opportunity.

I would love to hear from you about these insights. As I have much experience cultivating the Sacred Mother within me and I have worked with many clients doing the same, the next blog post will be on Receiving, Cultivating and Becoming Mother Love.

Until Then,

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