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Where Has the Divine Shown Itself To You Today?

Photo of Sophy Burnham from her website sophyburnhamdotcom

In the midst of writing a chapter on the benefits of being fluent in the language of emotions, I took a short break to contemplate.  On this day, contemplation meant cleaning out my e-mail box.  I discovered a message from Science of Mind Publications with their new online magazine complete with audio links.

I entered.

Curious with an interview on intuition, I placed my mouse over the link and began listening to Sophy Burnham, author and mystic speak on the topic.  I was pulled in when she said emotions are the gateway to intuition, or something to that effect.  I knew this was true, intuitively, however I didn’t know why and I wanted to know “the why”.  I found her contact information on the web and e-mailed her.  “Could we speak so I could have a greater understanding as to developing intuition through connection with the emotional body?”  Graciously, her answer was yes.

I purchased and studied her book The Art of Intuition.  While I was at it, I also bought her book written for writers. She has published 13 books, eight plays and numerous articles.  Yesterday, the two of us connected through the phone for what turned into an hour long connection. The answers to my questions came less in the form of knowledge and more in the form of transmission. Full with appreciation after hanging up, I took a walk in the sunshine to begin the information digestion and integration process.

The sentence which continued to play in my mind and operate within my body was “where have you seen God, today?”  “Where has the Divine shown itself to you today?” I took a deep breath.  I realized living the answer to this question would change my energetic presence and open me to greater Love.  I then began seeing myself having this conversation with my friends.  Imagine this, instead of gathering together to share a dish of complaints, current struggles or restricted belief systems, coming together to speak to how God or Love has been made visible within our own lives.

I have known for a long time that God is a Presence, not an idea.  I have also known, It can only operate through Its creation.  It needs us in order to be made manifest on this planet.  We must agree and be willing to allow the Infinite Power of Love to live through us.  And, in this Presence the tenor of a room and of a life is uplifted and changed.

I continued the rumination.

Knowing all of this, then, I became aware my set point has been unconsciously looking for where God is NOT.  This may be a part of a rebellious streak of wanting to appear “normal” and fitting in with others.  I would search for a circumstance where I could say “God/Divinity, certainly isn’t in the midst of that.” I have wanted to disprove what I knew.  Waking up to this, I decided to replace this unconscious sabotage with the question “where have I seen God today?” and allow the answer to that question to feed my being.  What manna.

Join me in this question, if it is yours to do.

More on intuition to come in future posts …

Hugs all around,




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  1. The divine is All, is it not? It shows up as the molecules in the chair under your bottom, as the air, as the beating of your heart. If it didn’t show up nothing else would either. We are That. has some brilliant info on intuition.


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