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Your Body’s Story

Dear Friends,

Walking through art booths at a street fair, I was drawn into a booth of paintings. This booth was different than all others for

Reading Stretch Your Brave Hack Your Story while waiting in the bank.

Reading Stretch Your Brave Hack Your Story while waiting in the bank.

several reasons. The paintings were of clothed women (unique) engaged in life activities. Each stroked detail of these women’s bodies told their own Soul story. My daughter and I stopped and turned toward the artist, then in her thirties, a beautiful petite radiant gal, who was robust in

Green Goddess

Green Goddess by Melanie Banayat

content. We became supportive allies with our lives interweaving every four or five years. Then, she came out with a beautiful book … loaded with her beloved paintings along with information on how to identify stories you’ve lived out through your body.

Entitled Stretch Your Brave, Hack Your Story, it is a more-than-book that assists me and you in breaking through chronic disease/conditions through story telling. Since Melanie and I saw each other last, she went to school to become degreed in assisting individuals in becoming free from their own health limitations through gaining insight and shifting lifestyle.

Labeled by Melanie Banayat

Labeled by Melanie Banayat

The book begins with Melanie’s own story speaking of her suppression and abuse and the impact it would come to have on her body. She writes of her journey through doctors and diets, along with severe, debilitating arthritis to find her freedom through lifestyle changes.

The middle section of her books are stories of her client’s journeys along with introspective questions, actions and great paintings. The book concludes with some great overall health

Pondering by Melanie Banayat

Pondering by Melanie Banayat

support and further inquiry into my/your health through telling our own unique story.

I was so moved by this piece of work that I contacted several friends and suggested we “Hack our Stories” together. This book is great to do on your own as a private, spiritual conversation between you and You. Or, it is a wonderful piece of work if you are willing to become vulnerable in front of several confidants.

Stretch Your Brave, Hack Your Story is now available for sale throughout Arizona and on Amazon. For THIS WEEK, when you purchase the book you will receive hundreds of dollars worth of freebies, including my Affirmative Prayer class valued at $97!! This is the only time I will be gifting this course. Once you purchase the book, go to to verify purchase. Then you will receive your bonus package.

To New Stories,



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