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What Really Follows the Storm?

  The beauty of being awake and aware to an inner life is to be present to what is alive within at THIS VERY MOMENT. This is good news. This is also not-so-good news. Not so good in that I am aware of when I am chartering unknown territories and I am in the activity of an inner storm. Good news in that the more I ride out and open to storms; the more confident I am in The Eternal Presence of Divine Love to accompany me through them. Such was the case for me these last two weeks of March. I experienced tremendous inner energy shifts resulting in a few sleepless nights; some allergy issues; and, a case or two of Infinite Doubt, to borrow the phrase used by the multiple authors of How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain. I am now a week on dry land and, as always, grateful to have experienced this inner disruption followed by re-calibration. As I sit in reflection, I pause to recognize all of the Support I received through this process:...

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A Saturday Night Event You MUST Attend! Rare. Live. Cool.

  I love to take walks; the longer the better. History pulls at my heart. And, spiritual pilgrimage? Take me now!! All three of these elements are present in Walking the Camino to Santiago Spain. And, the director of Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago, Annie O’Neil, is in town this Saturday showing her movie, clips from her new documentary Phil’s Camino and answering questions. I can hardly wait to attend! Land of Ahhs has agreed to be a gracious host for this event; 8175 E Raintree Dr, Scottsdale. RSVPs are necessary at 480 483 4666. The cost is your choice: the money raised will go to editing Phil’s Camino .. generosity is always good. I’ll See you...

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Marianne Williamson Speaks of Martin Luther King — Rare Footage

January and February are precious months for me. Why? Because I love as a people we come together over much that is good. First, the New Year. Most of us invest thoughtful reflective time upon who we’ve been and who we plan on becoming. We stop, celebrate with people we love and step into a new beginning. Then in February we celebrate Valentine’s Day, stopping to remind people they have admirers and are loved. Nestled between the two is Martin Luther King’s birthday. My Facebook page greets me with quote after quote of speeches King gave. I ponder the power of one life, leadership, and standing on the right side of an issue. I am awed at how he galvanized a moment in history that shifted how we behave together as a culture. This year I spent Martin Luther King’s birthday in my new Los Angeles community attending a music event fundraiser #RAJ14 Rising. Monday evening I drove to Santa Monica with holiday traffic patterns; meaning, I could actually...

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