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Patti Digh: How I Know I’m Aligned with My Soul

I was introduced to Patti’s work through a stranger. I was visiting Cannon Beach, Oregon less than one month after my dad died. I was raw with grief and entered a spa with a book in hand about writing my emotions. I was greeted by a perky Lisa who asked me what I was reading. I shared with her the book was on Sark’s book recommendation list and her enthusiasm upleveled. “Have you read Patti Digh?  If  you like Sark, you’ll like Patti.”  She wrote Patti’s name on a piece of paper with the name of her book Life is a Verb.  She said “Patti’s stepdad died after being diagnosed with cancer. He lived 37 days and it his loss changed her life.”  This, of course, got my attention. Grateful for a fellow traveler I went into a private room for a foot treatment. I emerged an hour later, skin softer, heart still shattered.

As I leave the private room I find Lisa pacing nearby.  “Oh My God, she says, I have a present for you.”  She presents me with Patti’s book.  “I ordered ten from Amazon. Eight to give to my friends and two additional, just because.   They arrived today and I know I’m to give you one.”  She wrote on the inside of this visually delicious book:

Somethings (maybe everything) happen for a reason.

This kindness did not go unnoticed. When I returned home I sent Patti Digh an email and shared the story with her. I asked her if she would send Lisa an autographed copy of her book as my way of returning the kindness. Patti said she’d do one better “I will in the Cannon Beach area in a few weeks and I will give her a surprise visit.”

Fast forward several years and Patti and Lisa have become friends with Lisa contributing to Patti’s latest book.  My heart has reshaped itself with far more compassion and generosity of spirit.  I have moved to sunny Phoenix and saw Patti speak at a local bookstore, running into some of my favorite peeps who also appreciate Patti’s work.

In this short video, Patti answers the question how she knows she is in alignment with her Soul.

Much Love, Bonnie

For more information on Patti, go to

 Patti Digh Speaks on The Soul


  1. After hearing the soothing, straight forward voice and thoughts of Patti I am present to the seeming uneventful moments of life. The ones when I am not striving. The simplicity to just be, resounds in my soul of the sweet harmony that draws a memory of time gone past front and center. Time gone past can be a soulful inspiration of the depth of my humanity stored through the whole of my senses.

    Humanity and Divinity is the ultimate inspiration of acceptance to me that creativity itself is life. Got life? Quite simply creativity is a birthright of breathing. Being present to the perfection of all that has gone before me from bliss be a tingle in the breeze, to whoosh the hell was that! of a door slamming, to an open armed, giggling, and squealing, of Miss Tessa Rae seeing G’ma Aumie arriving at her door open armed.

    Be present. Breathe. Acknowledge that I am not special but a unique individual expression and that I can not do it wrong when Life is breathing me. Peace and fulfillment in the moment. I recognize it all around me.
    Again in his moment I am present to the sweetness that nothing need be added. No thing. Thanks Patti and Bonnie for sharing the moment. Blessed BE.

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