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How Did You Commemorate 9/11?

I had grand plans for commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9/11 which became obsolete after eating some food last night which resulted in extreme belly bloating. I experienced pain akin to childbirth. At one point, I managed to roll from the bed to the floor, crawl to the bathroom four feet away and roll around on the bathroom floor so I could feel the cold tile against my belly. Falling asleep at 6:15 am in a guest room, I awoke groggy to see the DVD player flashing 11:47 am.

Between the time I went to bed and fell asleep at 6:15 a.m. I honored 9/11 in the perfect way.

I prayed.

With each rising pain twisting some internal organ I prayed for others in the world who lived chronically in pain. With each belabored breath and tear I prayed for my fellow humans who suffer from lack and sadness. I would rub my belly and tell it how much I love it and then I would extend the love to my whole body and outward. I prayed for a solid six hours connecting with undesirable human conditions, lifting them inside of me to a place which recognizes Wholeness and Peace, and then I’d start again.

By the time I fell asleep I was bathed in Love and Compassion for myself and for others. Like anything we commemorate, the power isn’t in a day of recognition, it is in a change of lifestyle which is lived out everyday. How are we different when we come face to face with our inner terror? How do we behave when we cross the path of something or someone different from ourselves? How do we practice and promote safety within our family, community, and world? Who are we and what are we creating from within us?

It is so tempting to want others to change to conform to us. Yet, we only have and have always only had the ability to influence our own behavior.

May we continue to grow in Peace,


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