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Self Soothing Practices

Dear Friends,



When your emotional body is overstimulated or out-of-whack what actions do you take to soothe yourself?

If you aren’t conscious of your behavior, now may be the time to give yourself a look-see.

This morning’s coloring while listening to Christmas music.

I have my standard practices:

Ground, breathe and become present.
Sit in affirmative prayer.
Take a walk.
Call a friend who loves me and reminds me of who I am.

And, today I added a new one. Adult coloring. I know, I am late on the coloring train; yet I want to say that there is brain technology that supports my new-found self-soothing practice. Check this out…according to an article by Dr. Nikki Martinez in the Huffington Post¬†there are seven benefits to adult coloring:

  1. It works with the subconscious to access information and become more self-aware.
  2. By concentrated focus it helps with many mental and emotional disorders.
  3. Returns us to a simpler time in our life.
  4. It utilizes advanced brain functions like organization and problem solving.
  5. Calm down parts of our brain that are stimulated by PTSD.
  6. Coloring utilizes both the right and left hemisphere of the brain.
  7. Anxiety and unpleasant feelings are reduced in the moment.

I send each of you rays of potent Love awake and aware to the knowing that God is All There Is.

Much Love,

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