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The Weinstein Verdict is In

Dear Friends,

My devices were buzzing this morning with the news that the Harvey Weinstein verdict was in. I went to the Court TV website to find the outcome. Weinstein was convicted of two of the five charges and will serve somewhere between 10 and 25 years for his offenses — criminal sexual act and rape in the third degree.

I then watched a few additional interviews and learned that the above results were just for New York and there will be another court case to follow in California. I learned that California has passed laws doing away with non-disclosure agreements linked to sexual assaults. This new law has gained attention across states. I hadn’t put a lot of thought into it before, but once a victim was paid to “compensate for injury” then the non-disclosure rendered them mute which had the potential to turn more individuals into victims. Light is disinfecting.

The door to my heart is wide open at this moment and Light is streaming both inward and outward. Let me try to put what I am experiencing into words.

Our spiritual directive is to protect the vulnerable among us, which until recently has included women; as women have a lesser amount

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of power in our system. It also includes our children. It includes our LGBT brothers and sisters. It includes immigrants who are establishing a new life for themselves in a country where they don’t know cultural norms and language. It includes people of color who can be marginalized. It includes the elderly who don’t have the stamina they once had in their more vital years. And, of course our earth and animals/plants upon it. As the world lives, in part within us, this means that same spiritual directive applies to our own internal vulnerabilities.

I thought of my high school friend I reconnected with at our reunion 9 years ago to discover she was addicted to alcohol and pills because of molestation that happened to her as a young adult that hadn’t been healed. I thought of another high school friend whose camp counselor molested her and thirty years later she still speaks of it as though it were happening at this very moment. I think of the many clients I have prayed with and for that the once pain of victimization, loss of trust, a sensitive body response could jettison into Soul Strength to benefit oneself and the world.

Something is stirring within me.

I feel a prayer coming on. A prayer for those who are in the process of realizing their Spirit Strength which is always present and can never be damaged.

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Join me …

Heavenly Father/Mother;

There is ONLY ONE of us here.

Each of us is YOU; The Divine Presence cloaked in a human suit. There is ONLY Divine Love and I Am the manifest form of Divine Love as is each and every person reading this prayer.

Inner Most and Highest Most God, Remind me of the Innocence that I Am. Today show me that anything that has happened to me in time and space is NOT who I Am. It is circumstance which invites me to Rise to what I know is True; to Rise to what I know is Eternal; to Rise to what I know transforms; which is Divine, Sacred, in-my-cells Love. Let me feel this love in my bones. Let me know this is Who I Am and the distance between my True Wholeness and my memory is only a thought away. Let me drop the memory for right now and step outside the dynamic of perpetrator and victim and rest in the Realization of Love. Let me lie in green pastures and have my Soul restored. Allow me to remember, feel, and revel in Innocence. Allow this Innocence to flood my body quieting my nervous system and soften any residual fear. For a moment, let me experience Eternity in this moment Now and lead me to make decisions from this peaceful, restorative place.

Let this prayer be a prayer for every one of us. As I pray for me, I pray for ALL of us as each of us is part and parcel of the ONLY. For my brothers and sisters who are the victims of Harvey Weinstein, sexual assault, discrimination, marginalization, and assault of any kind. For Harvey Weinstein and my brothers and sisters who leaned into perpetration as a means to experience pseudo power, flood them too with the Innocent Love and allow it to course through bodies that together we may be transformed into a new humanity. A humanity that sees Divine Beauty in each other. Divine Love, take me over. Use me. Enlighten and enliven me. Prepare me to be a portal for Pure Love.

With a grateful heart of anticipating this prayer becomes realized within me, I give thanks.

Oh, Sweet, Sweet Love. Blessed be.


Friends, I am a BIG proponent of taking care of body, mind, and Spirit. In addition to my medical team I have a therapist and several Spiritual Teachers and practitioners. Give yourself whatever it is you may require in order to know and live from your Whole Self.

You are worth it!!


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