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Easter and Taxes


The Easter Message is one of resurrection.  Life arises out of death.  Love overcomes hate.  Compassion is born.  A new way of being takes form from that which no longer serves us.  Easter is the recycling of energy within an individual, impacting current and future generations. The message isn’t limited to an historic event; but remains alive long as I live from the value of the teaching.

My spiritual practice includes witnessing the resurrection process within myself.  I see what no longer serves me or others and I call forth an Eternal Reality to replace the dead temporal thought pattern.  This year I applied the resurrection principle to doing my taxes.


My old thought pattern dreaded preparing for taxes.  My old, old thought pattern hated and resented it. This year I chose to use my tax preparation as a way of being grateful.  This is how I did it.

1.  I lit a candle nearby my computer to begin the process.  This set a tone of reverence and peace.

2.  I listened to great talks and interviews by spiritual leaders in the background.  At times I would listen to what was being said.  At other times I would allow my Energy body to lean into the energy behind the words spoken.  And, I trusted my Soul was being fed whether I heard words or received an energetic transmission.

3.  I periodically stopped and noticed how much money passed through my hands this past year.  I gave thanks for The Wealth of Go(o)d I experienced directly.  I blessed each person and company who received money  through me recognizing there is no time and space in God so the blessing is Eternal.

4.  I celebrated the progress I made each hour by speaking words of praise to myself for the accomplishment achieved.

Preparing taxes this year felt good.  I now look forward to the process next year.

Everything I do reflects who I Am.

I am quivering with delight.

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