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Fortifying Body and Mind in the Midst of the Flu

Dear Friends,


Six days ago I sat on my living room couch making a list of what I intended to accomplish the next day; part of my daily routine. One breath was stable and even followed by a lubricated swallow. The next breath shifted and my throat was dry, raw, and sore; no lead up, a full-on, high speed, fever-induced flu.

For just shy of a week I have been living in pajamas moving between my bed and the couch and toggling between television, computer, silence, and a book. I launch into body-vacation (aka flu) mode.

1. When my body isn’t feeling well, I notice how well I AM. Throughout the day I connect with my Inner Spirit that is happy and doing calisthenics. I allow myself to be nurtured by the Inner/Outer Spirit regardless of how my body feels.31480118_s
2. I treat my body like a child and love it up!!! If it requires rest; I give myself rest. If it desires entertainment, I turn on a movie. I bathe regularly, drink lots of water, and talk kindly to myself. No blame. No examination. No finger pointing. No making wrong. No shoulding. Just pure, divine love.
3. If I become frustrated with what is not getting done, then I give myself THE PEP TALK. It goes something like this, “My body will have much more capacity and long-term endurance because of this moment. My body is demonstrating its strength and I have a front row seat to its process. In the Abundance of God; nothing is lost. My time is being multiplied for me.” I applaud my fever for its power to burn off impurities. Boogers — evidence of elimination. Go body!
4. I pray for my enemies. Enemies are congealed judgements stuck in my mind attached to a person. I pray for the best life I can imagine and then give it to my perceived enemy. I give thanks to everything I “don’t like” including how my body may be feeling; knowing that EVERYTHING works together for my Good. I fortify my mind along with my body.
5. I seek help and support as guided. This meant asking for a replacement for today’s church service; reaching out for prayer; making two visits to my favorite healer; and, asking a friend to pick up some lozenges and oregano oil at the store.

My prayer for you and I is to know Perfect Health regardless of the current state of our bodies. To place our attention on what is working and what we love. Amen.



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