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Praying for Another

In the midst of writing a chapter today on “befriending loss” my phone rang.  A dear friend/colleague of mine was on the other end.  Between sobs of roaring tears she eeeeked out “I need help.  Please pray for me.”  Hearing traffic as background noise, I told her to pull over to the side of the road, get out of the car with her feet on the green grass and call me back.

She did.

I typically don’t get authoritative with those calling for help.  I knew, however, she was not grounded and rattled.  Standing on firm ground and breathing was a large part of what she needed.  Her story spilled forth.  She was financially afraid.  She had undertaken a large endeavor with a huge financial payoff down the way.  Until then, she was afraid she’d run out of resources.  We prayed together on the phone and I reminded her she is made in the image of the Most High God and within her and around her is everything she needs at this very moment.  After being bathed in Divine Love and Truth, we hung up.

I then sat for another ten minutes speaking and seeing the prayer coming through me.  I knew the ground she stands on is Holy Ground.  I knew it brings forth life and life abundantly as it was doing with her.  I saw money flying to her from debts owed her and new sales made.  I could see a hurricane of cash as she stood firmly planted.  This is what I was shone, and I believed it.  I thanked Ultimate Divine Wisdom for its Love in so many forms and ended the prayer.

Then, I checked my email.  A friend emailed me she was going to drop by and pay me some money she owed me.  I had forgot about it.  I laughed.  This is what I know.  I know when we pray for the welfare of others, our welfare increases.  When we pray for love for others, our love increases.  Whatever we ask for for another, we receive it, also.  A great reason to pray for peace, joy, love, abundant jobs, etc.  Doesn’t the Bible say forgive and you will be forgiven?  There is a spiritual principle called the law of reciprocity which states as we give so we shall receive. I would reword it to say “as we are, so we shall know.”

My colleague called me later this evening.  I shared my side of the experience with her and she asked me to please share it on my blog.

Happy praying!

Prayer is a thought, a belief, a feeling, arising within the mind of the one praying.  Ernest Holmes

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