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Quenching the Mother Hunger

Dear Friends,



So you’ve not received from your mother the Fierce Love which contributed to creating moguls of success, as referenced in my last article. Now what? I see two choices; lament the loss or wake up. I’m choosing the latter.

Today’s post can be the richest transmission of Sacred Energy Wisdom, if you allow yourself to receive it. Here goes …

From who you receive The Mother doesn’t matter; just please receive her.

And, this is why. Those of us who didn’t get what we believed we ought to have from our mothers were forced into learning to give it to ourselves. This can bring us into the profound realization; The Mother is Everywhere Present.

Obtaining this revelation is a big deal; it changes everything. What are some ways to open to the energy of The Mother?

1. Make a list of all of the attributes of Mother then identify which of these were not received from your earth mama. Now next to those, sit and identify where you did receive the gifts. One of my many traumatic stories is of not being kept safe by my mom. When I sit with the attribute of safety, I realize I didn’t experience it through her, but I did through friends, neighbors, coaches, healers, teachers. On my list I write their names. My list had over twenty absences and each one of these attributes was shown to me, given to me, and activated within me by someone. Nothing was missing. Mother, then, is not a person, but a quality of Being which has always been present and available to me and awakened in me through Sacred Seeing. This list making can take days, weeks, months or years. It doesn’t matter; do it, you are worth it.

2. Notice how, when and under what circumstances you are judging women. This is a key to unhealed mother. Practice pausing and then working these insights through in your journal, with a prayer partner, spiritual coach or therapist. Allow spaciousness to enter into judgement and the energy shifts.

3. Engage in spiritual practices which cultivate the Divine Mother within. This can include the study of Hindu and Buddhist Texts which honor The Mother. You may choose to inquire, study and celebrate Mother Mary and the Holy Spirit, both representations of the Divine Mother in Christianity. Chanting or singing Eastern songs, such as the Devi Prayer. Write, paint, create your own celebration.

Link to Devi Prayer

4. The Mother loves unconditionally. This is replicated within us through deep acceptance. Begin with accepting your emotions regardless of the discomfort associated with them. Once anger and betrayal can be held in the inner arms of Love, The Mother is home.

5. The mother is a giver and the child receives. Practice giving to yourself the Joy, Peace, Love, and desires you have been withholding from yourself. Actively receive these gifts from yourself and the Mother-child dynamic is made Whole.

6. As attributes of The Mother become active within you, take your attention away from the energy of didn’t have, what could have been, the past story, and the hard work which brought you into the Now Mother Within. Focus instead in sharing her, giving her away, and multiplying The Mother through action.

As with all spiritual insight, there is always deeper, integrated, and embodied as Truth. Once The Mother is revealed, it isn’t the end game; it is a new start.

Blessed Tuesday,


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