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What Are You Reading?

Today I added my Summer Reading List to my blog site.  As I posted the books I am nurturing this summer, I felt a bit naked.  I became aware that what I read informs me and others quite a bit about who I am, where I’ve been, what I dream about, and where my interest lies.  I feel I am splayed open with book in hand and an inquirer staring on.  I hesitated for a moment about posting my reads.  I share them with my closest of friends, but putting them on-line for the world to see?  Taking a deep breath, I reminded myself the world isn’t currently reading my post; just smart, hip, loving people (wink).  Plus, I’m practicing transparency.  Haven’t we all thought the same thing or shared the same emotion at some point? Shaking and hugging myself simultaneously I began posting.

One of the books I’ve recently read is Pat Conroy’s My Reading Life where he chronicles his life journey through his love of various books. Where the Wild Things Are
The Five Chinese Brothers (Paperstar) and a book about a wacky inventor were my favorite childhood reads, but I didn’t seem to read much in my pre-teen and teen years.  My reading resumed in my early twenties with one of Mr. Conroy’s books The Great Santini: A Novel  It was a story, turned movie about his family life as a military brat with a stern distant father.  I was swept away and continue to be a loyal reader.

Fast forward to my fortieth birthday party. Each friend brought to me, as their gift, their all-time favorite book.  It was by far my most memorable party.  My sister, an avid People magazine reader, gave me a People compilation for that year. My friend Julie whose middle name should be justice, gave me a book by Dominique Dunne.  A corporate poetry book by David Whyte was wrapped and received from my all time boss.  A history of battle came from fire fighter Mike.  It was so delightful.  Each book screamed of my friend’s energy and told a story of what they love and who they are.

Get naked with me.  Go directly to the blogsite and post what you’re reading now, who your favorite authors are, your all time fave book, or genre of preference.

With an Open Heart, Bonnie

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  1. You were right – it does make one feel kind of naked, but here goes: Books I’ve just finished: John Brunner’s “Shockwave Rider”, about 10 golden age sci-fi short stories, two different versions of Johann Wyss’ “The Swiss Family Robinson” (I’m still amazed at how different these [very early] versions of the story are), “WWW:Watch” by Robert J Sawyer, “Garden Spells” by SA Allen, “Mars Life” by Ben Bova. I started Conrad’s “The Secret Agent” but I can’t seem to make my way through to the end, and truthfully, I don’t think I want to right now. Book’s I’m in the middle of: George McDonald’s fairy-tale classic “The Princess and the Goblin”, Scalzi’s “Fuzzy Nation” (a reboot of H. Beam Piper’s “Fuzzy” stories), “T-SQL in Ten Minutes”, and a third version of “The Swiss Family Robinson”. I’ve started Paine’s “Age of Reason”, but I only seem to come to it sporadically, so it may take me all summer to read just 173 pages. Books I plan to read this summer: I have no idea. None. I’m literally waiting to be captured and sucked in to the next fairy-tale, swept away by the next perfect storm, launched into infinity on the next FTL cruiser that passes by. I am craving the bigger-than-life adventure, and like some 12 year old in 1935, with my nose pressed firmly to the glass storefront and nickel clenched in my fist, I’m peering in for even a glimpse of the latest comics. I can’t wait to see what’s offered up.

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