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What Question Are You Living Into?

Dear Friends,

The Buddhists have a meditative practice where they sit and ask the question, “who am I?” Once an individual has gone through their list of labels — mom, daughter, teacher, friend, woman, etc. what remains is that which is beyond definition; The ISNESS that IS. It is a great question to live into. Once beyond the form of life, we can access a Life Force and realize it is THAT which is alive.

The Buddhists also have an inquiry process when it comes to emotions. It is called Taking the Seat. It is a practice I did for ten years anytime an emotional arose from within me. I would become an interviewer and question the emotion until I knew it so well that I had befriended it. The questions I asked included: “what is your color?” “what is your texture?” “where are you located in my body?” “what is my first memory of you?” “what is your temperature?” and after a series of questions I always ended with, “and how are you of service to me?” After a decade immersed in emotion states I learned so very much about the human experience and could appreciate instead of fear it.

Old Christianity and old metaphysics referred to emotions as “passions” and labeled them bad. The intellect was to override the emotional states and as an empath; I could never buy this idea. Why would we have emotions if they are bad? We don’t say that about our body parts, our relationships, money, or our innate gifts. Why would we single out emotions as such? And why would we say some emotions are negative and some positive? That too didn’t make sense. I get that acting out of shame, anger, frustration, etc by projecting them onto another is an unnecessary form of personal pollution and there is an inner landscape more solid from which to behave. I’m also awake to knowing that each emotion vibrations at a different frequency level. Yet, I just can’t and won’t believe they are in and of themselves bad. For ten years I lived into the question of emotions serving me instead of harming me.

Today I take a moment to blog and ask you, “what question are you living into?” Einstein invested his entire life asking himself the question, “what if I could ride a beam of light across the Universe?” This question led him to formulating the theory of relativity based in part upon his understanding of light speed and velocity. His question informed and drove his work.

A question can be a life long question or it can be for a period of time. The most recent question I have been living into is “what if my body really IS God?” The Christian Bible says that body is the temple of God. What does this mean to me? Eastern religions speak of the body as an illusion, or NOT the real thing. Historic mystics used to beat their body as the flesh was bad and Spirit was holy. So I sit in the inquiry, since God is All there is; All-in-all; Omnipresent … then, what if my body IS The Presence (not my body as the Entirety of God; but God as the entirety of my body). What if?? I am not sure where this question is leading me, or the revelations that may come from this inquiry; but it is the current question that has been given me.

This past week I had a reading and the reader gave me the practice to tell my body the weight I want my body to be at while I’m in meditation. I concluded for myself that my preferred process is to converse WITH my body allowing it to reveal to me that which I haven’t been willing to see and engage with it in a process of loving unfoldment. I continue to see how my personality/ego/inner child/pleaser has been the boss of my body and not a partner of love with it. I would NOT tell my grandchild that how their being is expressing at this moment is anything less than miraculous; why would I do the same with my sacred body temple? So I continue to live into the question, “what if my body really IS the Presence of The Divine?” And I am so very grateful for the reader to awaken me further into my inquiry. How great is that?

How do you know what your current question is? Whatever you are wrestling with inside, or wherever your attention is pulling you contains your question. I’m interested in your question, if you are willing to share it. Go to my website and in the blog section, post your question. I’ve learned that many of you receive my blog posts in an email and you send me such beautiful notes, I would love them to be shared, if you are willing.

In the meanwhile, I continue to know how deeply you and I are loved and cherished. Thank you for who you are on this planet.



P.S. Reverend Bonnie is currently writing a book on Light. If you have had a direct experience with The Light and are willing to share it; she would be most appreciative.

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