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Hello friends,

It is November 11 at 11:11 am.

I have not studied numerology, but there is evidence today has some significance as I have received the following:

two spiritual concert invitations
a forgiveness event
two gong ceremonies
five meditation events – – local and virtual

I Googled the significance of the number and this is what I learned: claims today is “one of the most powerful shifts in human awareness that we will experience in our lifetime.”  Today is the day to release karmic scripting and ancestral crap. says eleven is a “master number” as it is a double digit number.  It is the most intuitive of all numbers representing illumination.  It is the number of the dreamer. claims today is a big day for weddings.  Many nuptials are taking place right now at 11:11 am.

This is what I know for sure — today is a day I am alive.  I will invest part of my day in pure, unadulterated silence, grateful for this moment “above ground” and opening further to what is mine to do.  I will lean into the field which millions claim as a transformational moment.  I will ask my Higher Knowing to guide me into cleaning out ancestral closets.  I will bless those who have gone before me making today and me possible.  And, I will ask for the release of pain attached to my actions.  The pain I have inflected upon others and upon myself.  I will also take a moment to send blessings (which means to confer prosperity upon) each and every couple who is getting married today and our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters who would like to.  And, I will send a blessing to you.  I will end with lighting a candle and speaking my dream aloud.

In Gratitude,



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