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Becoming the Mother and Daughter Consciousness

Dear Friends,I remember the first time I interpreted the Prodigal Son story from the perspective of The Father consciousness instead of, or in addition to, The Son consciousness.

The message is The Father is one of Unconditional Love; and celebration of the son regardless of his wayward nature. The Son Consciousness is one of returning to Love, humility/openness, and, receptivity regardless of self opinion. It feels terrific being the always loved child; knowing there is a Presence which loves me always and regardless. And, the spiritual maturity came for me when I was willing to be a place for the Father/Parent consciousness to be revealed within me that I may be the place of the Loving and the loved; the giving forth and the receiving; the Mother and the daughter.

Michael Berg in his book The Way, based upon teachings of the Kabbalah, lays out creation in three steps as I interpreted it: 1. God gives forth; 2. We receive the givingness of God; and 3. We then re-enact creation by giving forth that which we have done with what we have been given. Give – receive – give. Metaphysics reminds me there is no “out there” experience which isn’t first experienced inside of me. Jesus said “It is the Father within.” Within me lies this Presence which gives forth within me; receives from within me; and then gives forth from inside of me outward, that which was received.

A quantum expansion in consciousness happened for me when my child-self surrendered into the Great Parent consciousness within myself where I learned to love myself and others regardless of my own opinion. The Great Parent is the heart of Mother’s Day. Today, I honor the women who have loved me beyond condition. Dear, sweet, women who have looked not only upon me, but in me. Who have held the High Watch for me, mentored me, and cared about my Soul being nourished. They transformed the noun into the verb and mothered me from love into love. Several women held and still hold the space of The Mother for me, as I received this nourishment as their daughter. This relatedness is sacred. Then, there came a time when The Inner Mother within me had ripened that I could be Mother to me; and Mother to others.

I cannot imagine anything more rich than this. I am privileged to be a safe space of juicy love for myself and others allowing this Love to flow forth from me. And, others who have not yet opened to their inner Parent can receive the benefit of this flowing Grace. Then I become nurtured through and by other Mother/Father Presence within and outside of me. And when two of us meet from this place of Great Parent Love; I feel the sparks generated from this coalesced agreement. The two or more have reached agreement.

Today, for Mother’s Day, I give thanks to everyone on the spiritual path. I namaste’ to those whose spiritual path is Divine Love. I thank everyone who has chosen to forgive when it wasn’t easy. I am grateful to each of us who have embraced what is in front of us; taking responsibility for our own incarnation. And I celebrate those who have wandered away from The Great Love and whose Soul is calling them home.

Happy Mother’s Day,




Adopted Love Mother Nina

Adopted Love Mother Nina

Today’s meditative thought from Agape International Center for Spiritual Truth:

Today we celebrate Mother love, Mother nurturing, as exemplified by Mother Mary and the Great Mother of our initial conception.  Mother Earth cradles us in her arms with the richness of the soil, feeds us from her rich resources of the green earth, illumines us with brilliant light, and sustains us with living waters.

Implicit is a rich vibrant texture of living ready to explode into even more greatness as us!  Divine Mother consciousness continually enfolds each of us in her bosom, fulfilling through perfect love the manifestation of the highest order of God’s perfect being. Rev. Coco Stewart



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