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Good-Bye Summer, Hello Fall

Dear Friends,



God, The Infinite, Potent, Almighty, is referred to as “The Presence” for a reason. The Present is ripe with aliveness and is where God lives. It is as though each moment you and I are living in a rich surprise custom made for each of us. I can relish in this or I can focus instead on the past (how it has been), opinion (how I think it ought to be), or the future (my wants). In doing this, I miss out on this rich, potent moment of what is.

I can carry around unresolved energies waiting to be exalted and freed up from stories based emersonupon my perception, based upon my stories. Eeeeek. I find that throughout the year, I stop and do some defragging of my own internal hard drive that I may be more available to experience the inlet and the outlet of God as me.

How do I defrag? I look back at the most recent season, summer, and I do a mental review. Where did I see the Presence of God at work, for which I celebrate and give thanks. Where did I not see the Presence and believe it to be absent? And, who did I place outside of my heart. With these last two categories I sit in contemplation and ask that I may see NOW what I wasn’t able to see then. There is no time and space in God; and a realization transforms and transmutes the clogged energy.

Here are some examples.

Where did I see God? I spent most of the summer in Seattle and I stayed for two plus months in the homes of generous friends. I saw God at work in the perfect locations, connections with those I love, and lots of laughter. I would later go to California and have a snake2rattle snake slither in front of me — my greatest fear. I stood in awe at this beautiful creature that wanted nothing to do with me, and was on his own path. In all honesty, I swam in the Field of God most of the time.

Where did I believe God to be absent? I didn’t, but, in my old way of seeing, I could have seen God absent when I got mold in my lungs.

Who did I close out of my heart? Interestingly, it wasn’t a “who” as much as a “what.” I put my body out of my heart and became frustrated with it when I had breathing problems associated with the mold. I am also tired of lugging around weight that I have not been able to shed. I was not nice with my body and at times treated it like an enemy.

What now? Insight, I have found, has its own solution within it. As I enter into fall, I make a covenant within myself to love my body as much as I love my Soul and my friends. I am grateful there is always more to love to grow into.

Now I step into Fall 2016 with more capacity for aliveness. I invite you into this practice if it calls you toward it.

I love and thank God each day for you,


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