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Goodbye Judgment; Hello Bliss

Dear Friends,

Judge not, lest ye be judged.” The Bible

I have become SO aware of the hold judgment has taken in my mind, that I have been actively practicing replacing it — over and over again.

This past Sunday I attended a church service and I couldn’t stop judging the minister. I wanted her to be different. I wanted to be “spiritually fed” by her. I wanted her revelations to align with mine and I was miserable. Halfway through the sermon the adult voice within said very loud within my mind, “Stop it!! Open your heart and love.” And, I did. One second misery had taken hold in my being and the next second my heart was wide open. Once opened, it didn’t matter what the minister said as I was in the middle of a Bliss Bath.

I have now discovered three ways to shift the energy of judgment and free myself from its strong hold. Before I share those three, I want to speak a bit about what judgment is. Judgment is opining right and wrong on oneself or another. In the above example I was making the minister wrong for not feeding me. I could make myself wrong for having the thoughts I was having. I could make myself right for my perception of knowing more. I could make her right for being the minister on the pulpit. You get it. It’s the “right” and “wrong” game. And the benefit of “being right” is the temporary feeling of being “better than” and the benefit of “being wrong” is feeling victimized by or helpless over the situation.

Discernment is different and is necessary as a spiritual being. Discernment is being aware that something is or is not mine. It doesn’t have to do with right/wrong making. It has to do with the rightness of a situation FOR ME. As an example, is it right for me to be friends with this person? Is it right for me to see this doctor? Is it right for me to go back to school? The question is a Soul question with what action best services my Highest Good and the Highest Good given me at this moment.

As I sat down to write this article, the Bible verse, “judge not, lest ye be judged,” popped into my mind. As you can see from the above inner conversation I had in church Sunday, the judgment I was putting out had NOTHING to do with the other person. It is MY judgment and I was carrying the energetic cost of living in it. I think often of when Jesus told us to pray for our enemies. I can almost remember the day 12 years ago when I realized my enemies lived in my head. I had decided who was and wasn’t an enemy. As soon as I prayed for my enemies and could release myself from the bound up energy; I could know deep and abiding Love.

So, here are the three practices I engage in to dissolve judgment:

  1. I can change the conversation in my mind. There are unlimited thoughts in the Universe and I can actively decide to change mine. Instead of the thought, “I am not being fed spiritually,” I can actively change my thinking to something like, “I am sitting in the midst of some really cool people,” or, “this is SO much fun to support a new minister.”
  2. I can become curious. As the minister is speaking I can wonder, “how did God show up to her that brought her to this conclusion. Hmmmm.” Or, “where within me am I begging for a hug?” Curiosity served me real well during the years I was learning to open my heart. It was a solid precursor to leaving the mind and becoming soft.
  3. I can open my heart. This was truly fun and well worth the cost of admission. This is what I did. After I said to myself, “open your heart,” I felt energetically into my heart and felt the Light within it begin to stream outward until the Light felt like a Lighthouse. It was super cool and it added to the energy in the room and it lifted me into the Joy of God (the reason I often go to church in the first place).

Our country is in the midst of a lot of angst; and as an empath I feel it. I have been called to closely monitor my thoughts and manually shift them and me into a new state.

May the Love of God that surrounds each one of us be evident to you today,



Happy Mother’s Day!!

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