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Let’s Talk Vision …

Dear Friends,



The Invisible Realm is so rich and as a culture we tend to value that which is tangible and seen over that which is not visible to the eye.

Last week I spoke about the Invisible Realm for thirty minutes at Unity of Chandler’s Sunday service and I could have gone on for five to six more hours and still barely scraped the surface of the potency within the Invisible. Take just a moment to think about all of the activity that is in the ethers right now that goes unseen. Electricity, wi-fi-, radio waves, wind, temperature, internal feelings, emotions, states of being and ideas/thoughts.


Jerry Maguire written and directed by Russell Crowe.

While preparing for the talk I kept hearing the phrase “show me the money” from the Jerry Maguire movie. I wondered what the movie and phrase had to do with the invisible realm; so I watched the movie, again. Jerry was a tough, big firm, sports agent — caring about money and not the people. It was “about the deal.” Until — he visited one too many of his represented players in the hospital who had experienced one too many head injuries. That night he couldn’t sleep as he experienced an internal stirring (Invisible) that called him back to the core of his being where he discovered a deep love of humanity. It was from this place he stayed up to write his vision and mission of an organization that cared for the players and had connected relationships instead of commodity brokering.

This vision led him to lose his job. Dorothy, played by Renee’ Zellwegger, joins him in his vision of what quality sports agenting can become. The movie takes the viewer on a journey of moving from transactional relationships to connection and love. Jerry’s relationship with Dorothy is one of benefit, not caring. She can benefit him as his assistant and he could benefit her by marrying her and giving her and her son health insurance. His relationship with football player Stayce (Cuba Gooding, Jr) has the potential of bringing forth money; yet the love of the player and the player’s love of the game is missing. It is when the vision Jerry had of personal relationship and care with the player happened; and the player loved the game being played, that the phrase “show me the money” was realized. It is also when Jerry’s heart opened and his marriage with Dorothy shifted from transactional to connection.

The movie began with an inner stirring with the potential of changing Jerry. His action upon the stirring created a perceived loss. That loss combined with the power of vision was incredibly uncomfortable as the old person was shedding and a new self was emerging. The transformation could be seen through the movie; the impulsion for the change couldn’t be seen; yet was felt (Invisible).

Vision is powerful. Acting upon vision is essential. Learning to be comfortable with the uncomfortable is an active part of the manifestation process. Sometimes the vision bears the expected fruit we are pursuing; sometimes it doesn’t. Yet, it ALWAYS transforms and that is its real gift.

As we step into 2015 may we do so with a Vision that inspires, drives, uplifts, and guides us.



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