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Living Without the Idea of Sin


I am on the final edit of a book I have been working on for over a year.  It is a book of daily lessons based upon the work of Emma Curtis Hopkins, a Christian Mystic.  Yesterday I edited a lesson based upon the idea “In God there is no sin.”  This was written in the late 1880s and was a radical idea.  Even today it can be for many of us.

Who would you and I be without the idea of sin?  Without the idea of good, bad, right, and wrong and myself as the judge of it all?  How much energy would we have in my bodies to utilize for creative endeavors if it wasn’t tied up monitoring sin?  Judgement is a big business in our country and we tend to feed upon watching and commenting upon “wrongs” we perceive others have made.

This morning, then, as I was involved in my spiritual practice, I read from Dr. Ernest Holme’s book The Celestial Voice.  In it he said, “For sin is but a name for states of consciousness of those who fail to harmonize with the law.”  In other words, sin is when we choose to align with and act out of concepts other than Infinite Love.  I underlined this passage and spoke it out loud all day.  I quickly became giddy and warm.

In between dense edits, I flipped between Facebook and email.  While on Facebook I noticed the post to the left made by Karen Emerson.  It was yet another reminder of the useless belief in the idea of sin.

How do I free myself from the habit of judging others and labeling them (or myself) sinners?

1.  I realize how much energy is being depleted from my body and I decide it isn’t worth it.

2. I forgive.  Forgive means to “Give” “forth.”  I choose to give forth Love instead of judgement.

3.  I pray for a really good life for the person I am judging.  I pray that everything I want for my life is theirs.  I ask the Presence of Love to shower them with Grace, Joy, Abundance, Health, Love.  I thank them for the opportunity to once again heal within me the seduction of judgment.

I lift my glass of ice tea and hot steamy cup of decaf coffee to another day well lived,


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