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My God is Love

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I sit today with more questions than answers;
rich in potential revelations
slightly curious

An Indian guru this week said with reverence
“God is really feminine in energy
as She creates, giving birth all of the time.”

I wonder, why then, are women diminished
hated, brutalized, used throughout the world I occupy.
Is it a statement really toward God and potency, not women?

I pick up a book by Alice Walker
Anything We Love Can Be Saved, its title.
I decide I will love all that is feminine, masculine, and alive.
My world will change.
My God will be Love.

I change the tense to the present.
My God is Love.
I have a new prayer.

Bonnie Barnard, 08/16/2011


  1. I once heard that the reason men have been so hard on women is that they fear the femme’s potency. Females are wired for multiple orgasms, they out emote men by far, and that intuition, it’s unstoppable… what men might want to know about that is that they also have femme energy….why not just bring it on instead of trying to shut it down in their women???

  2. Agreed with Cherie.
    There was a romantic relationship I was once in where I was made/allowed myself to feel Less Than. It wasn’t until in a later relationship I found myself on the other side, and realized two things: 1) I wasn’t (and no person is) less than every thing I was, and 2) belittling a person (or people) comes from a need of oppression rooted in fear. In my case, worry of loss, of manipulation, and all the other negative aspects associated with love one can get caught up in when feeding fear.
    I suppose lack of understanding, or possibly lack of acknowledgment that one may never understand leads to the same result every time.
    Why a rational mind would decided to do anything as ridiculous as punish a creature for its ability to create Love? Hmm… [My minimal] Experience says: resentment. I can definitely attest to being dismayed, if not angry when a person I love, loves another more. So perhaps irresponsible humanity is more at fault than the emotion.

    Judeo-Christian beliefs are likely the most common on the planet. If God is Love, a feminine energy, then I guess by the same logic the opposing energy would be masculine. While that thought isn’t all bad, imagine what it could feel like to be told you are The Devil incarnate; not just sin, but Satan. All silly pop-culture language aside, being taught that your role in existence is everything Love isn’t might be downer.
    That isn’t true, obviously; men can be assholes, but I don’t think that’s grounds to be labeled as fallen.
    Anyway, Christianity isn’t to blame, but whenever the underlying lesson is “You Suck” people will suffer, and take it out on others.

    As an attack on God, well, I agree with that, too. And while I hope there soon is a new age where the feminine is appreciated, I hope we are able to learn from the past, and do not discount the opposite. …That probably doesn’t even need to be said, though, huh? 😛

  3. God is always just pure love and anyone who tries to tell you that is not true, just doesn’t get it. Love ya.

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