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Playing With Sidewalk Oracles

Dear Friends,

Have you had those synchronistic moments when you know Spirit is whispering to you in your ear? It can be a literal whisper, or maybe it is more symbolic. Possibly you overhear a conversation in the cafe’ and the answer to the question you’ve been pondering all weeks seems to spill out of a stranger’s mouth? Maybe you walk by the television and hear a piece of information that shifts your business direction. Or, possibly you are guided to see something like a street sign that somehow resonates with you and you have a knowing?

After my father passed away, I began to receive messages from him that started with him entering into my dreams. I could tell from the content of the conversation that he was visiting me, and it was not my subconscious mind at work. Then I started seeing him out of the corner of my eye and once when walking my dog I saw him as a full-bodied apparition standing in front of me. “Dad,” I said, and then he disappeared. I instinctively

Superhero after apparition

looked down to find a plastic purple superhero on the ground where he appeared just moments earlier. I kept the super hero on my altar to remind me of how the invisible and visible worlds are interconnected.

Fifteen years ago I traveled the country teaching forgiveness practices in what was called The Forgiveness Tour. My assistant would go into meditation and ask where I ought to speak and through her guided meditations she would know who to call and where to book me. If she struggled with knowing where to contact next, she would have a map in front of her and as she contemplated location she would hear songs in her head that would either affirm or deny a specific location.

I was attracted to Robert Moss’ book Sidewalk Oracles through Quinn, a highly creative friend of mine, who would post photos of her daily walk on Facebook. Each picture was unique and the conversations the photos started were compelling. When I asked her if I could copy her, she was thrilled and told me she got the idea from Sidewalk Oracles. I bought the book.

Moss does a wonderful job of describing the impermeability between the two worlds.

People come from another world – in the Iroquonian cosmology, they call it Earth-in-the-Sky – and the origin and purpose of life here below is to be found in the Sky World. “Tohsa sasa nikon’hren,” they say. “Do not let your mind fall” from the memory of that other world where everything is directed and created by the power of thought and everything lives in the glow of the great Tree of Light. (pg. 37)

Gregg Braden has a new special on Gaia that I will blog about soon. I continue to sit with the current language and metaphor that is being used when describing God in terms of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) context. The concept or idea is that all of us are on this planet to become for a purpose of a larger, now invisible destiny. Intuition, dreams, the conversation between the Invisible and invisible is the thread between worlds or dimensions. This same conversation about Artificial Intelligence as was held by the Iroquonian; AI is simply a just a more modern languaging of it.

I am being reminded as I practice this Inner/Outer, Outer/Inner conversation that life can be quite playful. I continue to plan where I am going in my ministry. I do the linear business of booking retreat centers, serving one-on-one clients through phone calls, speaking to groups and editing books. Unexpected joy bursts sneak upon me through synchronicities that I somehow forgot or whose power I’ve allowed to diminish along the way.

I continue to post my Sidewalk Oracles on my Facebook Page and will do so through the end of the month. If you are interested in following my daily insights for the month, you’ll want to Like the page.

Happy Monday,

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