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Practicing Joy in the Midst of It All

Dear Friends,

Joy is a medicine.

Any quality of God is a medicine as it activates the Soul to flood our body with Energy Eternal.

So, how in the midst of day of duality do I leave the realm of conflict and attention grabbing to experience Joy?

First I begin looking for it. This can be done in the Present Now Moment as I feel it in my body. I acknowledge it to myself or those around me which then becomes a shared and more potent energy. Everyone can benefit from a hit of, “can you feel the Joy between us right now? Can you feel it in you?” It makes for a shared awareness that satisfies.

However, if I’m not in the Present Moment, I can do this at the end of the day when I sit down to pray and meditate. I look back through the day for energy surges. A teacher once called this the feeling of a highligher on a page of sentences. I look for THAT and then I open to the tone of it. If the energy is what we would call “negative” then I sit with it until I can discover the Joy in the midst because it is ALWAYS Present. ALWAYS. Let me give an example of this to make this practice more applicable:

I took a trip to Ireland recently. As I boarded the second leg of my flight from Charolette to Dublin the American Airlines captain got on the speaker and announced there was a mechanical error and the flight would be delayed. The delay turned into a cancellation. Two hundred fifty people who had weddings, family reunions, jobs to attend to and vacations to enjoy were stranded and in need of flying around the country for the next 48 hours to make their way to Dublin. I was part of this, as was my new suitcase broken while in the care of the airlines. This delay was not wanted, inconvenient, financially expensive. (I did contact the airlines and send receipts to my travel insurance). To sit with this and ask where The Joy existed within this mess. It took awhile and then one example after the next came flooding to me.

The Joy in the Midst:

The customer representative was an angel. A REAL one. She said to me, “I saw the line and was going to go on break to avoid all of the anger. But, I saw your face and knew you were different. I wanted to serve you. You wear kindness.” I thanked her and she helped me reschedule my flight. THIS is medicine. We saw each other and in the midst of an uncomfortable situation we met Soul to Soul. Then my friend Heather offered to contact my hotel in Dublin and let them know I was missing a day and showing up later. She wanted to gift me the freedom of dealing with what was in front of me without having to tend to the future. That was Friend Love. I took that in. And when I arrived at the hotel the entire staff knew me from this phone call and they showed forth extra support and compassion. I realized I had plenty of money to cover the additional expenses. I realized how blessed I was to be traveling when many people don’t have the privilege of this for of direct learning. A couple shared a taxi with me to the hotel; I was able to meet two new compatriots. I missed being a part of a potential aircraft in flight incident. Joy. Joy. Joy.

Once I find The Joy, I then tap into It and allow It to spread throughout my body; like an internal bath.

As I do this I naturally become aware that the Joy was latent in my body just waiting to be activated through attention.

What is the medicinal value of Joy? It is an entry into the realm of Soul. It accesses the portal of Unity and Grace. The energy shifts the cells ever so slightly into a Higher Vibration which strengthens the body’s stamina and generates hope. Pretty good medicine, I’d say.

A Toast to Your Eternally Expressive Soul,

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