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Recognizing the Field of Plenty

 In church one Sunday, sitting on a pew in the corner cubby, I meditated.  I don’t recall much of anything said or music sung, I recall instead an inner question which bubbled up from inside me about half way through the service.  The inquiry said “have you felt into the field of plenitude?”  The answer was “no.”  The question has followed me since.


I have avoided states of being or fields of collective energy out of fear.  Trusting has been difficult for me.  Trusting is difficult for any child with a history of abuse. Letting go into Life feels like certain death.


Yet, when the question of plenty arose, I knew its significance, and I was a willing student.  My entire life I have been surrounded by plenty, however, I haven’t trusted myself to yield into it and know its address.  To hold an address, is the key to returning to a place, whether inner or outer.  The how is imbedded within the inner state of location.  Location, location, location.


In my inquiry, I invited Karen Russo to lunch.  She teaches conscious wealth creation through aligning with spiritual principles and engaging in sound financial principles.  I asked her, “Karen, what does the field of plenty feel like?”  She said, “I was introduced to it once I knew Love.”  Confirming, my timing for the question is right.  I had been shown love earlier this year and it is now I see myself and the world around me from the State of Love.  Always searching for clues, this one matched up beautifully.  Karen was right, the field of plenty is loaded with Love.


Since this realization, I have been shown many dreams.  In my dream state I relive moments of my life imbued with plenty, not yet recognized.  The recognition promotes an activation within my body which is kin to a computer update.  This time I experience the memories with the energy of plenty present.  The vibrancy of my dream shifts in recognition that I’ve got it!!  The address is becoming more known to me.  It is in the heart, and includes recognition which promotes a mystical activation.


This is what I know so far.  Share with me what you know.

Swimming in Plenty,


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