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What If I am to Love What I Love?

Dear Friends,

What do you love?

I am guessing if we compared lists you and I would have some things that overlap, AND, each of us would have loves that are unique to us. We might both LOVE Hawaiian sunsets after a rain and yet we might not both love kitten videos on YouTube (for the record, I don’t). You might love drinking iced flavored coffee with a bit of whip while I might love a sparkling water with a porporri of citrus fruit squeezed in it. What we love is unique to each of us. And, LOVE is the highest vibrating quality of God. So isn’t it interesting that our LOVE meters focus upon different things?

Who do you love? Likewise, if we were to compare lists of people we love we may have some overlap, and probably more people that we don’t like or don’t share in common. Isn’t that interesting? What if you are to love what you are to love and I am to love what I am to love? REALLY love; no apologies, dive in deep, appreciate and celebrate. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Doesn’t just thinking about what and who we love feel good?

And there is so much to love on this planet earth. People, places, things, food, style, poetry, ideas, philosophies, religions, entertainment, learning, forms of movement … so much…so you love what you love and I love what I love.

Then, there are our enemies. What do we that know the power of love do with those we consider to be other or our enemies? Are you and I called to love everyone and everything? Or, is loving who and what we love enough?

When I was in church Sunday, the singer sang the 23rd Psalm and a line from the song popped out and slapped me across the face a few times. It was, “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil, and my cup runneth over.” So, I am picturing this in my mind. I have walked through the Valley of the Shadow of Death and God is with me. I lean into the energy of Divine Love who is always Present; then this Divine Love anoints my head with oil and overfills my cup but first SITS ME AT THE TABLE WITH MY ENEMIES. Imagine sitting at the table with your enemies. What would you do? And what does this mean? Would my enemies be my enemies after walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death with the Presence of God?

Enemies are an idea that exist within our mind. I have decided who my enemies are. You have decided who your enemies are. And we have reasons for why we have put them on our lists. Lies. Betrayal. Meanness. Cheating. What if our enemies are no longer our enemies if we love the enemy list within ourselves? What if I can love my inner liar, betrayer, mean girl, cheater, etc. Really love her. Invite her to sit at my banquet table and dine with her as my head is anointed with oil and my cup is running over? Imagine the compassion you and I can have as we love the addict within us, the sad and sick parts of ourselves? And WHO is doing the loving? Love itself. The Big Kahuna. God.

So today in meditation my cheeks begin to hurt from the excessive smile that is lingering on my face. Today I get to love what I love and I know there is a magic in it.

Happy Tuesday,


Reverend Bonnie will be speaking this Sunday at the Flagstaff Center for Spiritual Living and the following Sunday, June 23rd at CSL Olympia.

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