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What is Your Theme for 2016?

Dear Friends,


Each year, around October, I start receiving clues about my theme for the upcoming year. I notice what is grabbing my intention and pulling at my desire strings. I start feeling a yearning to become more of myself in some area of my life. I am moved into curiosity.

I invite into my dreams questions toward the forming of this theme. I am present to conversations, books, and shows where it seems like key words or phrases show up bold and underlined. I listen and watch for my body resonating with a concept. The feeling of this resonance is one of vitality mixed with giddiness. It can feel to me as though I’ve been thirsty and then I drank water. A kind of energetic satiation happens.

And, bit-by-bit a theme begins to emerge. It begins as an idea and then starts to become full bodied; like a sponge in a capsule. With water added the capsule dissolves and I can have a more dimensional experience of the sponge.

Bonnie's Theme for 2016

My theme for 2016 began to pop in November; I was asking myself to become more visible. Who I am and what I do wants to be available to more people and this happens with me leaving the contemplation cushion and mingling throughout my community, including my on-line community. I try on this theme to see if I light up as I’m wearing this idea; and I do.

Now is the time for what it means; the full-bodied part to start revealing itself. And, it does. I am reading a book and the sentence “don’t you know you are a seer?” jumps out at me. I realize as I am being called outward into the community, I am also opening to seeing in the invisible realm. Cool. Weeks later I pick up another book. It says manifestation is bringing the unseen into the realm of the seen. I realize that I AM the manifestation as I step from spaces of not known into known. I contemplate changing my theme to Manifesting Me; but that doesn’t feel right, so I drop it. This is cool … more full-bodied information.

What I know is that by the end of 2016 I will viscerally understand aspects of seeing, being seen (by self and others) and being a seer that I currently am not aware of. This inspires me.

ImpulsUS, the spiritual community I play in, is doing this exploration together. We’ve started with clearing, cleansing, and listening. Lots more to come …bonnie

P.S. What is your theme?



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