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Are You REALLY Kind?

Dear Friends,


Kindness comes from the English and has two predominant meanings:

1. to be of the same — like these apples are the same kind
2. to be benevolent without the motive of profit

Combined; these two definitions mean what I believe the Dalai Lama refers to when hedalailamaonkindness says “My religion is kindness.” Meaning this — each of us humans share the same Source, we are the same kind. This means inferior and superior are off the playing field. We share Same. We share the experience of being human and at the same time in history. And, as kind …  behaving generously without searching for a gain.

Let this settle for a moment.

How often do you come from a place of giving without any expectation whatsoever of receiving? Let me break this down a bit further. When giving, a thank you isn’t expected from the other; you simply give. A week doesn’t go by without me hearing the phrase “and they didn’t even say thank you!!!” as though the reason for giving is to be appreciated. Think about this for a moment — how much freedom could you have if appreciation and validation wasn’t necessary for you to give?

I’m thinking here about pure giving — where you don’t expect acknowledgment; recognition; belonging; or kindness in return. You are giving to give; that’s it. The act in itself is enough. You don’t choose to give a friend a ride to the airport because they will them “owe you” or do the same at a later date. That’s an exchange. Giving is an open hearted expression. It is the Dalai Lama’s religion.

Take a moment to look if there is a motivation underneath giving a birthday or Christmas present. Do you keep track of who did and didn’t give to you; or the value of what was given? Do you expect a return of some sort on this giving? If  you do; it isn’t bad, it just isn’t coming from kindness as there is a built in “get.”  Sometimes our profit motive is very subtle and we give in order that we may feel good about ourselves. Does that feeling good carry with it a twinge of superiority? Kindness is you give to give.

What about tithing? Many tithing teachers teach that you give in order to receive ten fold; which is a Biblical principle. And yet, if you is giving in order to get, the action from investment, not kindness. Kindness, and true tithing is giving because we were first given to by the Only Source there is — Spirit.

Kindness holds within it a purity of heart. An open-heartedness.

This week, play around with the concept of kindness; enter into its Field, if you choose to, and pay attention to the miracles happening on planet earth.



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