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I Want to Remind You that You are Powerful

Dear Friends,

I woke up this morning with the desire to scream across the computer WE HAVE THE STRENGTH of God within us!!! And I wanted to remind everyone I knew of our immense inner power that comes straight from the Presence of God that lives, moves and has Its being within us and as us. We are strong. We are made of God stuff.

Stop for a moment and do an inventory of your perception right now. Where do you feel powerless, victimized, weak, doubtful? Are you concerned about work? Are you dancing with a health issue? Do you have strained relationships? Are you less tolerating of others and irritated more? Are you scared during the pandemic? Whatever it is, tell the Truth to yourself. Fess up. Be honest.

Then sit and invite your inner Divine Presence to transform this energy into raw creative power. Transform it into what it really is … usable God energy. You and I are in the position to create our perception every day. Today, invite yourself to own this power more forcefully. Actively shift thoughts that are impotent into The Truth. Actively own your inner strength and power. You are NOT what has happened to you or what will happen to you. You are the Presence of God in physical form. You have the power to bless and to curse to create and to destroy to love and to hate.

How do you do this? Take the impotent perception (that may be generating fear or anxiety within you) and bring it with you into meditation. Sit quietly. Find where the energy is stored in your body. Ask it, are you REAL or do you just feel real? Ask it. What are you really? Then tell yourself, “no matter what I will love you.” Then open your heart and send a big blast of Light/Love to that spot within you or within your energy field. If it is a thought of a person or a thing, then send it there. Watch how the power of Love shrinks and diminishes the ideas we’ve constructed. You may have to do this three, four, twenty, one hundred times a day. Love bomb whatever responds from you or arises within you that is powerless. And continue to sit. Then speak to your body. Say, “The Power of God as Divine Love pulses through my body right now. I am strong.”

Every time I turn on the television I hear how you and I are living in uncertain times. Time has never been certain. It is a man-made construct to measure. By its very nature it doesn’t have power, we do. Remind yourself every day this week when you are feeling at the powerless end of another person or an idea that The Light of God, The Love of God, The Power of God and the Strength of God are all YOU and with your intention, invite them into operation.

You are Loved,

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