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Merry Metaphysical Christmas

Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas. Really. From my heart to yours, Merry Christmas.

A metaphysician looks at sacred teachings differently than a literalist. A metaphysician sees the stories and parables as instruction for revealing the Presence of God. We also see it as an internal journey, not a historical reality. I invite you to take ten to twenty minutes, before or after your meditation, to journal the Christmas story as it pertains to your life. I will give you a few examples to get you started.

Jesus symbolizes Pure Love. His birth, then, is the birth of Love. What did it take for him to be born? Let’s look at Mary. Mary is the feminine within us. She was confronted with carrying and embodying the seed of Pure Love. It took her owning Faith and Courage to the point of risking her life (women were stoned to death for infidelity) to say YES to co-creating with The Divine for something that would benefit humanity. Joseph, the inner masculine, was given the choice to abandon and turn on the feminine ratting her out and putting the visionary and the vision in harm’s way (how often do we do this to ourselves?). Instead the Inner Strength, the warrior, the protector, partners with Mary in Faith for Pure Love to be born.

We, then, stop to ask ourselves how and when we have allowed Love to be born through us or in our presence? I think of the bystanders around the manger who were called as the welcoming committee. As I shop, as I wait in line, as I gather around others I often think how random it appears that we stand together, yet something could happen amongst us that changes the course of humanity. It can be an idea, healing energy that shifts bodies, minds, or spirits. Or, as is happening far too frequently in our culture it can be danger. I choose to look for The Grace in the midst of gathering together, it is part of my daily practice.


Every conversation I’ve had this week with clients, friends, or family has included a conversation about Covid. This Christmas I ask myself what do I believe has more power? The Presence of God or Covid? And, when the sacred text says, “fear not,” what does this mean to me? I am vaccinated and boosted. Mary was pregnant and Joseph protective. They left Nazareth to go to Bethlehem a 90 mile trek at 9 months of pregnancy to complete the Roman census or to fulfill their national duty. How does love, risk, safety, faith, protection all relate in your life today as it did in the Christmas story? And, what are you birthing? Divine Love or Fear? And, what are you afraid of? Dying? And, why is death frightening to you? Mary risked death to birth Jesus. Jesus risked death in order to demonstrate eternal life. And, if you are risking death in order to live, how are you living? What are the gifts, talents, and energy you bring to humanity right now? What is your mask of Faith? Mine includes a prayer, meditation, giving, studying, and spiritual community. How about you?

This Christmas maybe the real question is “who’s your baby momma? And, who’s your daddy?” Is your internal patronage anchored in the Eternal, Divine, or is it anchored in the world? A lot of questions to ask ourselves from the internal gentle place as part of awakening to that which is Pure. Pure Love.

Merry Christmas. May ALL your Christmases be bright,

Reverend Bonnie was on KKNW this past Friday on the Mantz and Mitchell show. To listen to the playback, click here.

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