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The Good, The Beautiful and The True

Dear Friends,
Each morning for the past sixty plus days I have had a thought rise up within me that says, “you are only on earth for a few minutes.” This thought transports me into The Field of Infinite Love and I’ve become giddy with this seeming secret that my time on earth is sweet, sweet, sweetly precious. And oh, so much fun.

Since this phrase has been running through my body; what I give my attention to has become more precise. I am able to shake things off that would have taken me down a rabbit hole of distress in the past. Let me give you an example. I am selling my condo. It has been on the market for quite a while. I have received several offers and have turned them down as the terms were not what I wanted. Then, I had an offer that was close. When the realtor called me with it, I said, “let’s wait until this afternoon.” Not knowing why, but knowing it was right. In the meantime, a second offer came in driving both offers up in price with better conditions. I accepted the more seemingly solid of the two offers. Then days passed and the to-be-owner cancelled the offer before an inspection, but during inspection period. I didn’t know this was possible. And, I didn’t stress out. Yes. You heard me right. Although I was paying a second mortgage and wanted the sale, I trusted. And, I heard the mantra, “you are only here on earth for a few minutes,” If I had to give a thought to the ease I experienced it would be, “why bother to give my Joy away?” That’s just one example. I have been experiencing a mix between Zen Peace and Blissful Hilarity.

Now the beginning of 2019 was interesting for me. I knew this year was going to be the year for me that I would surrender completely and totally to Divine Love/Power and live without reservation from The Infinite. Although each year I have lived more surrendered, I withheld a small percentage of the surrender back just-in-case. In December I threw the just-in-case energy into the “burning pit of no longer” and jumped in fully to Divine Love.

So, I sat myself down in December and made a list of all of the things I wanted to do in 2019 no longer hitting the “pause button” on my life as I began to put them in action. The list included:

Taking a class or two at SWIHA (a local college for healers);

Taking the certification program in herbal medicine from Southwest Herbs;

Visiting Scotland (a promise I made to my dad before he died);

Visiting Ireland and study the land from an energetic perspective;

Studying with Dr. Joe Dispenza who has gone to similar places in meditation that I have — woo hoo; and

Boldly working with clients in assisting them to opening to Divine Love with all of Its healing powers for the body, and its vision powers for business.

Then I was sick for six weeks. Flu. In the hospital. Dehydrated. Dying. I was sick, sick, sick sick. And those six weeks changed me. I could do nothing but lay in bed, drink fluid from a baby bottle (as it was too hard to sit up and drink from a cup) and own my physical immortality alongside The Infinite Presence that is me. Isn’t it interesting how God the Good works? I intended to open more fully to an aligned life and then I would be forced to rest and wait.

And I became different. I can’t really explain it all. My dear friend Heather says I look ten years younger. I no longer give my body toxic food, drinks, or relationships. I drink nettle tea each day. I walk. Meditate. Pray. Serve my clients. Write. And my heart sings all the time. I am grateful. I am grateful without something to be grateful for. I am grateful in the midst of conditions that would suggest I be otherwise. And I am grateful no matter what my emotions are feeling at the moment.

Then earlier this week in meditation I recalled listening to a Ken Wilbur audio program where he spoke of The Good, The Beautiful, and The True. I Googled to see what I could find.

The concept of the Good, the Beautiful, and the True is one that dates all the way back to antiquity, finding its first expressions in the Bhagavad Gita and the teachings of Plato, and later conceived by Aristotle as three of the primary transcendent properties of being.” Ken Wilbur

This morning on my walk with the phrase “you are only on earth for a few minutes” welling up inside of me and The Good, Beautiful and True on my mind I began to contemplate Beauty as a food for the Soul. How potent Beauty is in all of her forms. Looking to the right of me are landscapes of desert motif with cactus and mesquite trees and just next door are homes with green grass, fruit and palm trees. I look up and see Camelback Mountain in all of her majesty winking at me as I REALLY see her. To my left is a Hasidic Jewish family with the wife modestly dressed and her wig of protection and yet I still see the beauty beneath the intention of hiding. The Omnipresence of Beauty tickles me and laughter releases itself.

Life really is good. Different. Strange. Uncomfortable. Unpredictable. And yet fundamentally good.

And isn’t it wonderful that you and I are here together sharing these few minutes on earth?

May the Abundant Love of the Universe reveal Herself to you,



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  1. Loved your blog stories, Bonnie. Going through transition myself (are’nt we always, whether we’re conscious of it or not?)!

    Be well.

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