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The Spiritual Practice of Giving

Dear Friends,

Definition of the word give: “Freely transfer the possession of something to someone; to hand over.”

Spiritual practices often don’t make logical sense and are paradoxical. Giving is one of these non-sensical practices. In the realm of Spirit, we can only give what we have. So, if we experience lack in any area of our life, we are taught to give or hand over that which we fear is lacking in order to experience more. Giving, then, becomes the plug that unleashes a stuck energy.

I just moved. I don’t have friends where I currently live. If I want to have them, what do I do? I practice giving friendship to others. This looks like becoming active in the community I moved to. Volunteering, meeting neighbors, participating in a spiritual center. I am also discerning and have many friends other places in the world. I choose then, invitations I give and accept.

In metaphysical prosperity teachings and in all religions, financial giving to the location you practice your faith is also highly encouraged. An unaware person may see this as a “way to get money.” This is partially true. All churches, temples, synagogues and places of worship need to keep the walls up and lights on. Tithing is a fair practice as all income levels can participate. The hidden magic in this, though, is that by giving 10% of your income, your fear buttons are often pushed enough to lean into something bigger — The Divine Presence of Support. This is the non-sensical part of this process. We think when we give money, it is gone. We have less. However, we are learning about the Law of Circulation. We realize giving and receiving are both necessary for flow to happen. If you want to, set up an experiment for yourself. Right now. As gas prices are high, cost of living is out of control. Put your Faith in the Invisible Infinite. Really. If you aren’t already a tither of 10 percent, then start smaller. Give two or three percent. This is the catch. Give to where you are spiritually fed. This can be an author of a book you’ve read, someone who says something to you that shifts you Higher. Give to your spiritual community, if you have one. You know when you’ve seen it or felt it. Give. Give freely. This means you expect nothing in return. Do this for three months and take notes. If you don’t notice a different quality of life for yourself stop it. My experience was and has been for the past 25 years that my life just gets sweeter and miracle abound.

Where are you experiencing the perception of lack? Love, friendships, Grace and forgiveness, joy, money, health? Take a moment to examine your life and choose an area you would like to have more robust in your life. Then ask your Divine Spirit within what you need to give to loosen the internal reigns you have on yourself. Then give it for 90 days. Let me know how things work out.

Writing the above list reminds me I recently went through a period of being unhappy. Life seemed real rough. Hard. I decided to prime the pump of Joy. To do this I began making a gratitude list every day. I complimented at least three people or things daily, too. On a day where I wasn’t around people I complimented roses, the smell of the air, and dropped an email to someone I love thanking them for being them. It was took far less than 90 days to turn myself around.

I want for me and for you to have the most satisfying life we can. To do this, we are often required to return to the basics: meditation, prayer, spiritual community, service, giving/tithing, and study.

Enjoy your week,

P.S. Reverend Bonnie will be speaking at Burton Community Church July 17th at 11 am on Vashon Island and July 31st at 10 at Unity of Spokane. If you are interested in spiritual consulting/advising Reverend Bonnie has a few spots available this summer.

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  1. Hello Bonnie, I hope we can meet soon. One favorite spot is the Park Bench at Manito Park, where we could have a cool iced tea and enjoy the park. Usually early afternoon is a good time..let me know if this might work…

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