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Letting Your Spirit Self Sooth You in 2022

Dear Friends, Happy 2022.

I feel now more than ever that we are in This Thing Called Life together. Responsible to our own Spirit Self for our unfolding AND co-creating with The Only Thing That Is to bring forth the world we imagine. I don’t need to tell you that our systems are falling part, we are two years into a pandemic looking at what and who we consider to be “essential” in our lives, and the collective invitation for NEW sits in our laps this month. Now, more than ever, my Faith drives the car. It must. In the midst of incredible change, Faith is what I hold onto and live out of.

Each year I choose a word or phrase for the year I am meeting. This year it is “Trusting the Flow.” Covid has been a party to revealing to me where my perception has been rigid and what I have been holding onto. I started noticing my fascination with flow, movement, shift. Yet to notice and to trust are two different verbs. This year I will practice Trusting the Flow as it unfolds. Although I have had an active spiritual practice and communion with God for decades now, I find myself still wanting things to go a certain way or be a certain way. I’ve come to love the wanting/desire as it arises and know that if doesn’t show up “my way” it will show up in a more beneficial way than I can imagine at the moment. What is your inspired word or phrase for the year?

I’ve noticed a shift in my client calls these past three months. They tend to be more raw and vulnerable. My assessment is when an individual’s life is limited to a handful of contacts; emotions, patterns and gratitude magnify. One of the recurring questions I’ve explored with clients is “how can you make your world bigger internally if you have limited your external

Woman praying from

exposure?” And, “what actions can you take to increase your interaction with the world so your perception continues to remain pliable and open?” There has been much conversation, education, and spiritual support around grief. Whether you are currently processing grief, or not, give yourself the gift of falling asleep imagining the arms of Spirit around you. Invite and allow the Spirit Realm to soothe you.

As for me, I resumed a daily gratitude and desire journal several months ago based upon Melody Beattie’s book Make Miracles in Forty Days. This tends to expand my world in both breadth and depth. I am part of several writing groups. I have replaced television/binge watching with reading. And, I am taking Zoom Ukelele lessons. I have expanded my prayers to include not only clients but those who I come into contact in anyway (electronically, address book, the blog, in the grocery).

2022 CAN be your best year so far. Remain open to the possibility.

Know that you are blessed, 


Reverend Bonnie will begin posting YouTube Meditation videos in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

Reverend Bonnie is accepting new private clients this month. If you are interest in spiritual sessions, send an email to and in the subject line write “Spiritual Sessions”


  1. Hello Bonnie. I’ve just discovered you this morning through a podcast from your talk at CSL Olympia where I live. It was on DESIRE and it hit the spot. I will be an avid follower from this day forward. I recently ditched Facebook so how can we stay in touch?

    • Susan, thank you for the kind comment. On my website there is a Join the Community button. Add your email address and you will receive the blog posts in your in box. There is a wonderful upcoming course I’ve been working on coming out this year. You’ll receive notifications of that as well. Blessings.

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