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Dear Friends, I walked off the plane in Lihue after a long day. I took a flight from Seattle to San Jose then San Jose to Lihue, Kauai. The flights were full yet pleasant. No crying babies. No angry passengers. No heavy turbulence. No barf bags used. It was good.

To catch the first flight, though, I am up at 3:45 am. By the time I arrive at my hotel it is fifteen hours later. Both flights sit on the tarmac for a long time before deplaning. I (luckily) make my transferring flight although there was no time available to use the restroom or purchase some food. Once I deplane at my destination, I, along with all of the other passengers wait to show

An Hawaiian Tutu

proof we are vaccinated. My proof won’t load. I haven’t eaten anything more than a Southwest Airline bag of carbs for a snack. I am experiencing fatigue, hunger, and impatience. After twenty-five years of regular prayer and meditation I surprise myself when something so seemingly small activates discontentment in my mind. And, it did.

I show the agent my vaccination app isn’t producing the barcode. She sends me to another agent. This is where magic happens. The second agent is what Hawaiians call a tutu or a grandmother. She is older. Chubby. She is wearing an Hawaiian floral blouse which moves up and down with her chronic belly-laugh. I love her immediately. A Grandmother in the Universal I-love-all-children-sense. Her energy field of Love is so full that it can’t help but slop all over me. My body immediately relaxes as I realize I am in good hands. She takes my phone and fills in the electronic forms for me. This is something I can do myself, yet she gifts me with this support. She asks me my name, birthdate, day of vaccination, identification information and enters it. Then she photographs my vaccination card and uploads everything. Viola! It is done. She walks me past a line of passengers also stumbling to find their proof. She waves me good-bye with a robust “Aloha!”

Aloha means “hello,” “good-bye,” and “love.” But it isn’t a word translation. It is a spirit. A way of living. Every time I meet an angel in or out of human clothing the energy field around me is recalibrated into a higher octave. It is the same for me with the spirit of aloha. I am in some way touched and transformed.

I have been on the island now for three days. I continue to think about the agent. She initiated my trip into the sacred journey it and all of life is. I continue to imagine a world where ten percent, twenty percent or thirty percent of the population carries around such immense love that others in their presence relax and up-level. Aaaaah. Just the thought is refreshing.

This brings me to journaling how I can incorporate the aloha spirit into my daily life. First is to recognize Its Presence, second is to resonate with it, and third is to act out of it. I love how God shows up in so many different cultures and yet can be seen through it all.

I send to you a big ALOHA virtual hug,



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  1. Beautiful Bonnie. Your Aloha spirit is felt all the way to the Atlantic

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